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Dilemma: WP Pingbacks & how to ensure they work!

G’day to you, my friend! It would seem that sometimes I miss out on posts that have been linked back to my WordPress blog, and well, I just hate missing out on reading those posts. I especially hate not being able to thank the person who took the time to link back to my blog!

Here’s the thing about a pingback notification: they don’t work if you use the main WordPress blog URL (e.g. of the blogger you are wanting to link back to.

So to correct this issue, simply link back to a sub-page or specific post on the other blogger’s site and voila! (e.g.

Most bloggers accept pingbacks, so this simple fix will save you the trouble of wondering why that blogger you connected your post to didn’t respond to your kind gesture. πŸ™‚

Happy Blogging!

27 thoughts on “Dilemma: WP Pingbacks & how to ensure they work!”

  1. THANK YOU! Someone had alerted me to this a couple weeks ago, but prior to that I was super oblivious! And it’s quite disappointing when people don’t see that you’ve tagged them because they can’t be involved. So, this is great! Everyone should see it!

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    1. Heavens, IBFF, whenever you’ll have me. I never know what I have to offer that’s worth anyone’s while. This just came up because Simon was asking if I’d been pinged about his blog battle story…I was explaining to him to try linking the instead of just the main URL because then the pingback would work…see, I’m rambling. I wouldn’t even have thought to share it if we weren’t talking about it already. haha

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      1. Errrrrr – you have a book coming out? What’s it been like writing the second book? What’s it like writing a series? What about 10 Things That Rock About Writing A Book Series? Ta daaaaaa!!!

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        1. LOL Okay! Great ideas. I’ll write you something special and you can post it whenever you’re read for a guestpost (or not if it’s horrible! haha). I want one of your fun lists as a guest post on my blog as well. Hmm….12 Ways to Fall In Love with A Realmsman? hehe

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