Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts

Click Calendar book tour of the Blog Tour, complete with links to the websites of my amazing hosts!

It looks like this but easier to read! 🙂 (Candice Coates is on the 26th & E.Rawls was moved to the 21st!)Calendar book tour

Captive Hope can be purchased on ebook through major retailers including, but not limited to:
Paperback is available through Amazon and will eventually also be so at Barnes & Noble. The above links will work for accessing all formats.
You can connect with me on:

6 responses to “Captive Hope Book Blog Tour Dates & Hosts”

  1. […] her blog on February 11th and will email the winners directly. Follow the rest of the Blog Tour here. ~ Curious about “The Beauty Thief”? Take a look on Amazon and Goodreads. […]

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  2. I just sent you an email. 🙂 I’ll try for Thursday, if not then the 26th. 🙂


        1. I doubt you even have to try! 🙂

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