Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

 Last week our #BlogBattle word was DIVE, and with it came a new player to the game: Grace Petrelli! Grace is a writer who lives in my very own neighborhood. Not my actual neighborhood, like down the street, but in my physical vicinity. I actually met her in person first! Crazy stuff right there.

Though from a world completely of her own making and not fan fic, her debut #BlogBattle scifi short story, A Smuggler’s Story, will appeal to all of you Star Wars fans out there! And you’re in luck because she’s continued the story with a second part, too.

Now, let’s ask Grace a few questions to break the ice!

1) We’re from the same town but see it with different eyes. What is one thing about the Inland Northwest that inspires you in your writing?

Probably the people. I’ve not spent my entire life in this area, just the last seven years or so. Before that I spent the majority of my childhood in the Seattle area, and before that, as a small child, I lived in Louisiana. I’ve also traveled to a number of places within the US, including Alaska, plus Germany and Grenada (and Canada, but that doesn’t really count :P). But everywhere I go, my biggest observation is usually the same. The people. I like to learn about cultures and customs and I’m a collector of characters. 😉

Yes! People are an essential element to what defines a place. Wow, you’ve experienced a variety of places! I bet that really helps you in your writing.

2) When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? How easy or difficult has it been to pursue your love of writing?

I began to love writing poetry at probably the age of ten. It was a passing interest at first, but it grew as my ability to use it as an art form grew. I wrote my first novel at twelve, and once I discovered I could do it, I decided I wanted to be a novelist when I grew up. However my family was a quite fanatical form of Seventh-day Adventist, who believed that fiction was evil and it was basically a lie because it never “happened.” So I had to hide my writing for seven years until I could get a normal job and get out of the house. So when I was at home it was hard to get the time to write because I had to sneak it in, and when I was out of the house, it was hard to get the time because I was working lol. But I’ve made it work! And now I’m finishing up a novel that I intend to be my debut, and I’m very excited.

Sometimes it’s difficult to honor your parents and follow your heart at the same time. I’m sorry you had to experience that, but it is a part of who you are and has formed your character, also giving you new and different insight into humanity that will aid you in your writing! Now to finish that novel!

3) If an alien stopped you on a street corner and offered to take you on a space adventure in exchange for your family to keep as pets, would you do it?

Haha, no… I would want to go, but I’d never exchange my family for it. 🙂

What? No siblings on leashes? No spouses kept in crates? Well, in every instance, I get the impression you care about people. That’s commendable. 🙂 That alien will just have to find his pets elsewhere!

Thanks, Grace! It was super fun getting to know more about you. We’re so glad you’ve joined the Blog Battles!

And thank you for stopping in to meet Grace! Be sure to stop on over at her blog and give her a follow. Let’s welcome her to the WordPress Blogging Community!


10 responses to “Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli”

  1. […] Grace Petrelli is another cool person I had a privilege to meet through this blog. Grace is an aspiring writer with an upcoming novel in the pipeline. She is also an author of the ‘Smugger’s Story’ series, featured in the weekly #BlogBattle submissions. This science fiction story follows the adventures of an ‘Indiana Jones’ kind of a character (at least this is how I imagine him) in the far future, whose amenable morals and loyalties are a thrill to follow. Check out “The Smuggler’s Story” and find out more about Grace in her interview. […]


  2. Congratulations on the win Grace, and it’s nice to have you and your stories here with us. 🙂

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  3. What’s the novel about, Grace?

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    1. It’s science fiction as well. It’s about artificial intelligence. Main character, Raherrat, is an intelligent machine designed to be an assassin, which is considered something of an abomination in human society. Intelligence must have feelings and drives to motivate it to thought, so he has a desire, a compulsion to kill people, and receives pleasure from doing so. But he is also a conscious creature, so he attempts to overcome his instincts and finds a way to channel it. He does hit work. At least then he’s killing people that were going to be killed anyway, it’s just a question of who was going to be the one to do it.

      A long time before the timeline in which this book starts, there used to be hundreds of machines like him, created by a man named Sorec, and then a number of them rebelled, and war broke out. Raherrat, one of the rebels, is the last one alive. Then, hundreds of years later, he takes a job for a mob in which he discovers that a machine that he thought was dead, a machine that betrayed him, is actually alive and well. That takes him on a course of vengeance that will lead him to uncover even deeper truths than he realized. Truths about the reason for his existence, and the purpose of his bloody past.

      God, it is really hard to summarize that without carving the heart out of it lol. It’s way more complicated than that 😛

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      1. Wow. I want to read it! It’s a fantastic plot. Keep at it! And let me know if you need any absolutely free no strings attached artwork. Your stories are captivating!

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  4. Cozy interview. Thanks for this introduction to Grace Petrelli. Congratulations, Grace. 😀

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      1. You are more than welcome, Rachel.

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