Captive Hope Blog Tour – Interview

For the next fun stop on the Captive Hope Blog tour, we stop in with author Claire Banschbach who has put together a fun interview. I enjoyed her questions. I HOPE you do, too. 😉

“Captive Hope is a story about redeeming love and learning to be courageous in the face of the unknown. We cannot know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow. There’s so much hope in that knowledge!”

And for the sake of being random: this reblog has earned the 500th post badge! 🙂


C.M. Banschbach


Today I’m very pleased to have Rachael Ritchey over to answer some questions about her new release, Captive Hope. This is the second book in her Chronicles of the Twelve Realms series. I’ve read the first in the series, The Beauty Thief, and I’m interested to see more of this series. Make sure you read to the end to get the chance to enter a cool giveaway! On to the interview!

Howdy, Rachael, and welcome to the blog! Since I’ve never officially had you over, why don’t you give us one fun fact about yourself?

I’ve stopped in so often I feel at home here. Thanks for inviting me over for an official visit. A fun fact, you say? I cannot whistle out. Let me clarify. I can whistle in, but if I do it too much I come pretty close to passing out, since it’s akin…

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6 responses to “Captive Hope Blog Tour – Interview”

  1. Fab interview! Have you thought about book 3 yet?

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 Yep. Already started it but not very far in yet. Betrayal is on the horizon.

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      1. Ooooooooh!!! Can’t wait!

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        1. You think you could beta read for me again this May or June?

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            1. Perfect! Thank you. ♡

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