Chasm of Infinite Everything and Nothing

#BlogBattle 48 “Chasm”

The distance of time is nothing in comparison to the Chasm. If a man reaches the Chasm, time becomes nonsense. Or so Richard had been told his entire life. Granted, he was only fourteen, but by most standards that made him a man; unless you were his mother, then he was still a baby and would be forever.

Forever was measured in time. It had a distance, though it continued on eternally. The Chasm was the absence of all time as far as Richard could understand it. The truth was far too mind-boggling to do more than scratch the surface of the implications.

It didn’t stop him from trying, and often his head would ache after hours of searching his mind for the Chasm. No, he searched his understanding for it, but never could grasp its shadowy depth.

If not for his terrible desire to go there he may not have discovered the knowledge. The world might have continued to be what we thought it should be, but Richard, like all curious men, couldn’t resist the temptation.

The Chasm is beyond the finite and limited. It has no end or beginning but gives definition to that which exists within its confines, which are none. And Richard, the boy who wished to be a man, found the Chasm and dove into it. His selfish act sent a shockwave through time and space and a darkness overtook existence.

What is time but an alleviation of insanity? Where has time gone?

24 thoughts on “Chasm of Infinite Everything and Nothing”

  1. One of those things you just can’t understand, but you read it, and you’re like, whoa, and you think you just understood something profound, but you can’t explain it. Ok, yeah…my head hurts, LOL. This was really good. 🙂

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            1. LOL I suppose that is similar. Grans and Grammys are smart ladies, though! I think we should believe them. Be careful with your tongue! OH be careful little tongue what you say & do, or be careful little tongue what you say & do…haha

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  2. Abstract. Nice. Though I think I’m going to have to read it several times to get my brain around it. 🙂 That last line is particularly intriguing.

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  3. oooo, you did a sci-fi one! nice! I like that there is a name for this thing, the Chasm, but you don’t outright tell anyone what it is, you tell it from the perspective of someone that already knew… So now I’m left wondering, is the Chasm that which separates one universe or one dimension from another? or is it something in cyberspace?

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