Interview With Author Rachael Ritchey

The talented and supportive author, Dan Alatorre was kind enough to host me on his blog for my birthday today! Okay, the birthday thing is kinda coincidental, but still, it’s pretty awesome! Thanks for a funtastic interview!

Dan Alatorre

head shot Your humble host

Author and friend of the blog Rachael Ritchie is an enthusiastic writer who has spared a few moments from her day to sit down with us.

It’s her birthday, by the way, so she’s giving readers a special offer. (Be sure to read to the end for that.)

Born and raised in Northern Idaho (with a seven year stint in scenic SE Alaska), Rachael says she drew inspiration from the picturesque places she grew up for imagining the fantasy world she creates in her books. 

She writes stories she’s proud to share with her kids and you. While her goal is to entertain, she also wants to use her writing to inspire courage and compassion.

But as we’ll see, she’s a LOT more fun than her bio suggests!


Dan: Let’s start with the basics. Everybody wants to talk about their new book, so: what is the…

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12 responses to “Interview With Author Rachael Ritchey”

  1. I missed the day, it’s not nice to say, because my day got in the way. So, I’ll send, again and again, my own little spin to get you to grin.
    Happy Birthday, though a bit of a delay, and the best wished for every day!

    (Oh, and nice interview!)

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    1. Thank you so much, John! haha I love the poetry of your wishes! ❤ 🙂

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      1. I try, I really do. 🙂

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful Avatar
    Woebegone but Hopeful

    Just in case the e-mail vanished in the ‘ether’…Happy Birthday-for yesterday.

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    1. 😀 Thanks Roger! I got it late last night. 🙂 Put a big smile on my face.

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    2. 😀 Thanks Roger! I got it last night. 🙂 Put a big smile on my face.

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  3. Great interview and happy Birthday Rachael 🙂

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      1. Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

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        1. So far it has been great. 🙂

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