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How to Add a Category to Your Menu on WP

I know there are so many different and fun things to do to make your blog/website amazing on WordPress and one thing that’s super helpful is if you have certain Categories (e.g. “Blog Battle” or “My Stories” or “Author Advice” or whatever). See, I’ve categorized this post as “Author & Blogger How To” because it falls under the realm of helping authors and bloggers figure out how to do something. 🙂 See how clever I am?

To make such a “category” go to your side menu for the post you are creating and find the button that says “Add a New Category,” which you will click then type in whatever category name you need, like “#BlogBattle Stories.”

Now, back to my “Author & Blogger How To” category I want to add it to my menu so that any time an author or blogger needs some how to advice they can just go to my menu and click on the corresponding menu option.

From your blog, go up to the upper left hand corner and click on MY SITESstep1step1

next you’ll locate MENUS down on the left and click it.step2

It will direct you to a screen which looks something like this:step 3

You’ll notice all the little + symbols over to the right. If you click on one of those it will bring up two new options for you. One to place a new main menu item above (which can be moved around later) and one to become a subcategory to whichever “+” symboled menu option you clicked. In the next screen shot you can see that I chose the + next to “Interviews & Guest Posts” and I will be choosing the main menu spot above, not the submenu option below it.step 4

Once I have clicked on “Add menu item above” it will bring up a box to type in whatever you want to name the menu item an below it is a list of where the site can pull the posts from: Page, Link, Category, Tag, etc. Choose Category, which will then bring up the list of categories you have saved for organizing your posts. I will choose “Author & Blogger How To” for this example.step 5

After you’ve filled out the blue box and chosen whichever category you want to use, click OK:step 6.jpg

Now it will look like this:step 7.jpg

BUT don’t forget the final step! You need to scroll back to the top of your menu and press the SAVE button or all your work will be for naught!step 8.jpg

As soon as you’ve saved your new menu settings you can go look at your handiwork on your blog!step 9 (2)

And there you have it! As soon as you get the hang of it you’ll be creating amazing menus to help your readers navigate your site in no time!



56 thoughts on “How to Add a Category to Your Menu on WP”

  1. This is a useful post. The only problem I’m having with adding my blogbattle posts as a category to my menu is that, because the whole post shows up on the front page it would take ages to scroll through them all. I’ve been trying to find a way to limit how much of the post is visible, but so far no luck. A category menu link would be much easier to maintain though. 🙂

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  2. This helped and I believe that I got this part ..and thank you for posting this ..
    I do have a question that everyone that I have asked has no idea so I thought I would ask you if you do not mind…??
    How do you post a blog and make it go into or under one of the tags or menu ? I have a few about lupus and music things like that but I am lost when I want to write a blog post and add it to say lupus instead all my blog post are going un categorized…..I do not know if I am explaining this very well but if you have the time and questions please let me know and I will be so forever grateful of the help you give everyone….
    Thank you so much
    Help lol…..

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    1. Hi Suzette! I’ll do my best to help, 🙂 and if I understand correctly then what needs to happen is in the edit screen for the post you just need to go to the “Categories” tab to the right and change to the appropriate category you’ve created by deselecting the automatically chosen option and selecting the specific category you want. If you don’t have a category called “Lupus” yet then there is also an option over there to create a new category which you can then assign to your post!
      Let me know if this is helpful, if not I’ll swing by your blog when I’m near my computer and see if I can better be of service!

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    2. I took a quick peek at your blog on my phone, and I’d say the issue is, for sure, that you’ve created pages on your menu instead of category menu links. Make Category headings that match the page names (or use the ones you already have) on your menu bar in place of the pages. You can actually just delete the pages and use the categories instead. That way whenever someone clicks on the Lupus opt on your menu they’ll go to a page if just the Lupus category stories with the most recent at the top.

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      1. Hello Rachael!!! : )
        I was just going to leave you a message on the first response but damn you are fast lol….
        OK this newbie is lost for sure… : ( I hate not knowing what I am doing and this site is hard for me for some reason be it the head injury or what?? I do not know what to do!!??…
        Yes that is what I want where if I write a blog post that should go into one of those and it is the recent blog that pertains to that blog post…
        I need to learn but this has been bothering me since I started this.
        I would so give you my password and information THAT IS HOW MUCH THIS BOTHERS ME GRRR
        I know you made it clear but still lost…
        When you get time gurl maybe a step by step? or again password at this point I trust you…

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        1. Maybe we can talk on skype in a bit and I can walk you through it so you won’t have to be frustrated by it anymore. Otherwise, I don’t mind accessing your account ( there’s a way to do it so you don’t even have to give me your password) & making the changes. 🙂 I am always happy to help however I can, Suzette!

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          1. I do not have skype any longer 😦 I do not even have it on my phone yet key word YET lol.. my cam and mic went out and was very old on my last computer and would have to look for passwords and log ons since at one time I had a few different emails and accounts …
            First off what is the time where you are at? and I have a feeling that you maybe doing other things so it is no rush but would love to have it done.. If you can do it than that will and would be amazing and wonderful and I so would appreciate it and your time. Knowing your time is valuable it does not need to be today but if you have time and want to do it I am game and knowing you can do it without my information is great by me gurl…
            You have been so helpful and kind I can not thank you enough and would by you a drink or lunch if you were closer hell you might be I have to read the about me section on your blog..
            Oh btw a girl named ghostmmnc found your blog and said she hoped that you can help me or if this is what I was looking for so I have her to thank for all of this and finding a great blog that you have…
            From what I have seen and asked not one person knew how to help me and they were or are looking for answers as well so I believe you are on to something with helping out others with your post and helping me…
            I think when you have time please fix mine (WHEN YOU HAVE TIME) and maybe do a blog post about this ? I wish I could follow on step by step but at this time to be honest having a real rough time (health and I also take care of my dad)
            I do not even remember how to set up what I did lol sad but true..
            Well my friend again you rock and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for talking to me and all that you are doing…I have never met so many nice and amazing people on here just like you Rachael : )
            When you have time…I have to check on dad and give him his medication and such but usually here…
            You are the best gurl…


            1. Suzette, email me at and I’ll give you basic instructions on how to add me to your admin on your WordPress so I can make changes without getting your PW. I’ll take some time to set it up for you. Probably today. Once it’s done you can then remove me from your admin! 🙂 It’s really a huge pleasure to help however I can. I actually love problem solving, so this is right up my alley. 🙂

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            2. Ok I emailed you : ) I would like after this is done a step by step maybe on your blog so others can learn since I know a few do not know what to do or how to..and that way I could go back and read it and try to remember it or even just have it on your blog as a ref..
              I seen the comments on your blog and you are so very helpful and kind to all and these days that is so hard to find…
              I can tell that you love to help others and a problem solving person since you figured out what I did wrong in like 2 seconds lol… I just do not want to be a pain in that azz of yours but I think I maybe past that lol…

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            3. just finished homework with my daughter and emailed you some instructions for adding me as an admin to your WP. 🙂 I live on the west coast of USA, basically. I am thinking you are UK? 🙂

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  3. My theme is set up differently and categories show over to the right in a list. I always thought the ones on the top were pages (that’s how mine displays) and wondered how bloggers managed SO many pages). Thanks for clearing that up. 💖

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  4. You’re a helpful boss aren’t you? I’ve played about with this myself, I have two menu’s for my theme apparently and I’ve tried to get it to work how I want to.
    I hope you’re ok, I’ve not had time to write a blog battle this week. I couldn’t think of anything anyways. Boo!

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            1. 🙂 It’s going well. I got the kids off to school and met a sweet friend from church for coffee. We sit next to each other every Sunday but we have never really gotten to know each other, so it was super fun. She is such an interesting and multifaceted gal, but you’d never know because she’s so quiet unless she gets to know you. We have so much in common. Now I’m catching up on the old blog while sitting in a B&N Starbucks. How has your day been?

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            2. Its been a day of work and home to sort kids out. I’m hoping to get on and do some writing later, who knows. Its 8pm now and still have stuff to do.

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