7 Ways Blogging Makes You a Better Creative Writer

Reblog from I Came for the Soup with Candice Coates!

Escapades of an Indie Author & Publisher by Rachael Ritchey: 7 Ways Blogging Makes You a Better Creative Writer


Rachael RitcheyFirst off, I gotta say thanks to Candice for this chance to share on her blog! It’s not every day I get the opportunity, and she is a lovely hostess.

If there’s one piece of advice I could tell you today, it’s this: I write, therefore I blog.

I hear the “huh?” reverberating through the air. Rene Descartes said these famous words: “I think, therefore I am.” It’s generally seen at the most basic level to mean something along the lines of “because I have the ability to think there is no doubt that I exist.”

So, “I write, therefore I blog” is best interpreted “because I have the ability to write (and want to be a great writer) there is no doubt I should blog.” Want to know why this is true?

Blogging can and does make us better writers, and here are seven reasons why that is so…

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