#BlogBattle 60 “Duplicitous” Entries & Voting

Here’s a link to the New Blog Battle page! Make sure you head over and follow so you don’t miss any great stories. If you’re tempted to join us in the battles, we dare you! πŸ˜‰


BB 1

Hello! Welcome to the new Blog Battle! This is our first official week with the slightly altered rules and twice monthly story posting (there’s a calendar with all the dates on the rules page). We’ll call the next few months a testing phase to see if the new changes are worthy of our writing goals, if not we’ll readjust to fit what’s best for the battle. πŸ™‚

BB Badge

Last week’s β€œVoice” Winner is Vex Vaudlin with her story, Silence! Congrats, Vex! Don’t forget to add the battle winner badge to your story!

Now, for Battle 60 β€œDuplicitous” Stories!

Β Post your story by 11:59 PM PST on Tuesday, May 10th. I add them here throughout the day.

RULES for VOTING: Anyone can vote as long as you’ve read ALL the stories by 11:59 PMΒ PST of the Monday before the next battle day. Vote for yourΒ TOP 3Β 

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56 thoughts on “#BlogBattle 60 “Duplicitous” Entries & Voting”

    1. Also thanks for the additional editing info my circle want me to take my writing seriously. I know it’s not a walk in the park with so many indie authors but typos be gone!!! Good day πŸ™‚

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  1. rachael looks like i returned just in time. i was afraid i would get lost, or at least maimed, trying to jump into the blogbattle fray blind. but as you’re testing out a new system i’m guessing i won’t be the only one feeling my way around for a little while. i’ll be back to check all the new rules and stories later. cheers! – and thanks for checking in on me while i was gone.

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    1. I missed you! πŸ™‚ I got real worried there for a while, but I’m so glad you’re back and ready to jump back in the battles! We want you on our side. πŸ™‚ I love the new blog and branding doodads, too!

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      1. I MISSED YOU TOO – can’t believe i didn’t say that the first time around. i’m flabbergasted (but hey i got to use “flabbergasted” in a sentence and that’s quite frankly worth the faux pas)! thanks i’m proud of the doodads too so much so i think they deserve a post, but they’ll wait till the battles die down. anyway i’m here to eye up my opponents so there’s no more time to dawdle πŸ˜‰

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        1. Haha who wouldn’t want to find every opportunity to use flabbergasted in a sentence? πŸ™‚ Make sure you skip over mine while eyeing the competition. I’ve been a little rushed with writing them. πŸ˜‰


  2. Damn, blast, Β£@&!?….time …. I hate time….next time Rachel…next time….although next would suffuce as I am right off time now…it’s not playing fair at the moment…sorry πŸ˜•

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      1. Surfer….I liked duplicitous though πŸ€• I actually need reminding… My memory is rubbish at the moment…too many things and not enough hours…oh…hang on…you just reminded me by saying start writing now 😱

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        1. haha It’s not too late for duplicitous! It’s only 9:22 AM here and you have until my midnight (although there’s lots of leeway until I have got kids to school on Wednesday…so really, that’s like a whole 24 hours still. haha) πŸ™‚

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            1. What about a duplicitous surfer who is indiscriminate about where he floats. He could lose his voice from screaming so much ’cause well not cool stuff is happening, and when he gets back to his jeep there’s a ticket on the windshield to finish off the wrist day if his life. LOL

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            2. So, 800 words in and I’m just missing surfer now…and it’s a piece that’s scaring me on two fronts…one is it may be crap and two the content I find very very worrying from an apocalyptic sense 😱

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            3. πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to read it! Seriously, if you were able to get all those words in there and make a story of apocalyptic proportions, we’ve got ourselves something fun to read. πŸ˜€

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            4. Not sure it’s fun per se…I’ve got a huge prompt idea credit list to make too. It’s familiar theme but with my take on it. I’ll no doubt read it back and go WTF is this 😱

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            5. haha Sometimes those are the funnest ones to go back and read. No matter what, I’m going to enjoy it because I know all the thought and work you’re putting into it, which will make it totally worth my time!

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            6. Hey I could hold back for the surfer battle lol…actually no…I’m a bit intrigued as to how it will end now. And it is just a bit of fun based on the previous conversation 😁

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            7. You just want a second post for surfer 😁 Mind you I need to write…been too long editing and this is the first new thing since then πŸ€”

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            8. I could do a sequel….I now have the very chap in mind to continue it πŸ€”

              But you are dead right….switching is the way forwards. I got so entrenched I editing I lost time….this piece I’m doing as a result of your word list is the first new thing I’ve written in months. I’m quite worried ve lost my mojo 😱

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            9. I think it goes with the territory..blow hot blow cold, awesome one day and the next it’s rubbish…but what can you do except keep at it πŸ™ƒ Oh yes, I know…put it in a box in the attic and do done more 😊

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            10. Attics are cool….bit like their cousins the cellars….in one I have a young lady rummaging through chattels and in another a bricked up something….excellent places…in other people’s house πŸ€”

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