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“Captive Hope,” a Review of the #LowFantasy Novel by Author Rachael Ritchey

A new review of Captive Hope! Please enjoy. πŸ™‚

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Captive Hope
β€”Rachael Ritchey

Genre:Β magical realism / speculative fiction / fairytale

Captive Hope, Rachael Ritchey, Chronicles of the Twelve Realms

Story contains: some violence, action.

After the events of The Beauty Thief (book 1 in the Chronicles of The Twelve Realms series), Captive Hope follows the journey of Idra, the Lady-in-waiting to the princess, as she is kidnapped and taken far from her countryΒ by a powerful manΒ with a grudge. I also wrote a review for The Beauty Thief, which you can read HERE.

Idra is an interesting character. She has a lot of doubts about herself and those around her, and inner struggles. It becomes such a problem that she doesn’t even realizeΒ Ahmad has feelings for her until it’s too late and she’s kidnapped. I liked her inner conflict, and how it reflected real life struggles that you and IΒ can easily fall into. She’s relatable, and throughout her ordeal she must come to terms with these flaws in…

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