“Captive Hope,” a Review of the #LowFantasy Novel by Author Rachael Ritchey

A new review of Captive Hope! Please enjoy. 🙂

E.E. Rawls Writes

Captive Hope
—Rachael Ritchey

Genre: magical realism / speculative fiction / fairytale

Captive Hope, Rachael Ritchey, Chronicles of the Twelve Realms

Story contains: some violence, action.

After the events of The Beauty Thief (book 1 in the Chronicles of The Twelve Realms series), Captive Hope follows the journey of Idra, the Lady-in-waiting to the princess, as she is kidnapped and taken far from her country by a powerful man with a grudge. I also wrote a review for The Beauty Thief, which you can read HERE.

Idra is an interesting character. She has a lot of doubts about herself and those around her, and inner struggles. It becomes such a problem that she doesn’t even realize Ahmad has feelings for her until it’s too late and she’s kidnapped. I liked her inner conflict, and how it reflected real life struggles that you and I can easily fall into. She’s relatable, and throughout her ordeal she must come to terms with these flaws in…

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6 responses to ““Captive Hope,” a Review of the #LowFantasy Novel by Author Rachael Ritchey”

  1. Ha…I’m starting the two you sent me after Kings epic is finished…want a review too? 😊

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    1. Would greatly appreciate a review or two! 😀

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      1. Oooh….that’s be nice to me speak that is…hehe…. 😇

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        1. hahahaha Be real, sir, be real. 🙂

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          1. Le sigh…it was worth a shot yes 😊

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