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With Barnes & Noble’s upcoming Teen Book Festival, B-Fest, I’ve been able to line up some great author spotlights this week with some local authors. Guy L. Pace will be at the other BN in our area, out in Spokane Valley, but you should definitely check out his books. I’ll be at our BN Northtown location. He’ll be signing in the valley on Saturday at 1 Pm, so go say HI! Tell him Rachael Ritchey sent you. 😉

Right now I want to share Guy’s novels with you, and then pretty soon we’ll have an interview, which you won’t want to miss. He’s a super interesting fellow!

But for now, here are his cool Teen/YA reads:

About Sudden Mission

Sudden Mission GPSatan, once one of God’s favorites, now His Adversary, grows impatient with the plan and begins to harvest souls. In a fell swoop, he throws reality out of whack and the world into chaos. God calls on Paul and his friends Amy and Joe to set things right. The young teens journey through a messed up world—with a little help from an angel—struggling against everything the Adversary can throw in their path to accomplish their Sudden Mission.

With their world and their parents’ lives hanging in the balance–and the Adversary sending everything from zombies to killer aliens to stand in their way–Paul will discover if he has the strength and faith to set things right again and stop Satan’s harvest.

Nasty Leftovers GP

About Nasty Leftovers

Reality is back on track, but the world is devastated with only a remnant of humanity left. On a mission to restore Washington, D.C., Paul Shannon and Amy Grossman must face a sinister presence left behind by Satan.

In the ensuing battle, physical and spiritual warfare is waged against the possessed, hellhounds, and even the evil presence itself.

In this fast-paced sequel to Sudden Mission, can Paul, Amy, and their army of faithful triumph against such impossible odds?

Guy would love to connect with you and here how:

Author Facebook Page:

Wesite Url:



Guy L Pace

Guy L. Pace, born in Great Falls, MT, grew up throughout the Northwest. He served in the US Navy, and on the USS Newport News (CA-148), including combat operations in Vietnam in 1972.

He was a Navy journalist, and after worked primarily in community newspapers as a reporter, photographer, editor and finally a managing editor. He changed careers, getting into computer support, training, networking and systems, and eventually information security. He retired in 2011 after more than 20 years working in higher education.

He lives with his wife, Connie, in Spokane, where he gets to spend time with children and grandchildren, and ride his Harley-Davidson.

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  2. […] Guy L. Pace is a super grandpa, served in the Navy, and worked as a journalist as well as some other interesting jobs I’ll let him tell you about. And while we think all that is pretty cool, we are most interested in the fact that he’s an author. I posted about his books earlier, and you can click here to read more about them. […]


  3. These sound fantastic reads. Satan. Huh. Yup. Super enticing. 😀

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    1. 😀 Thanks, Tess! Guy will be back later this afternoon for an interview.

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