#WotD Word of the Day: Compunction

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I probably won’t do this every day, but the idea has struck me. I am thinking it could be fun to just think on these interesting words and share stories, real or fiction, on a regular basis. You’re welcome to join me!

Who really wants to think back on instances of compunction? Talk about uneasy feeling!

Well, today I’ll actually tell a little of another person’s story. It comes from a new book I just read recently that I would recommend to men and women alike. It’s called Dangerous by Ian Probert. Dangerous is an autobiographical story of the journey he took toward healing after his abusive father died. It will pull at your heartstrings.

Dangerous is not just another sports book, though it does center around the world of boxing as Ian Probert meets with former boxing champs, almost stepping back in time to relive the past and maybe right some wrongs.

See, the compunction Ian suffered under was two-fold: He felt some sort of remorse toward his abusive father, however misplaced it might have been, and more so, he regretted how he folded under pressure, letting one of his good friends in the boxing community down when the fighter was seriously injured. He seemed to lose his way after that.

Regret, compunction, sorrow . . . such uncomfortable feelings. Dangerous is Ian’s true life battle against the compunction of his past. He lays his heart bare, and in the process he discovers some things about himself and about men in general.

Dangerous cover.jpg

The biggest thing I got from reading his book was not only a deeper respect for the author, but I was again reminded of the importance of fathers. It was a common theme running throughout the book. Read it and let’s discuss what you pulled from the pages.

Meet up with Ian Probert at his blog: https://ianprobertbooks.wordpress.com/

Here he is on TwitterGoodreads & Amazon too. He’d love to connect!

What is a memory or story of compunction that comes to your mind?

17 responses to “#WotD Word of the Day: Compunction”

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  2. I like this new series mixing stories with vocabulary. 🙂

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    1. Kinda fun, actually! I would have done it today, but I had my hands full! I’ll try to post tomorrow’s word. I added the dictionary.com app to my phone, so it sends it to me every morning. haha

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  3. Me too, but it’s late and my brain is out of gas.
    Illuminating post, Rachael. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Tess. Get some rest!


  4. Oh dear, I resemble that word 🤕

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    1. I think we all live with it hidden deep inside where we hope it will disappear in the shadows. ❤ 😉

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      1. Maybe these shadows and mind afflictions help with my writing genre….new theory….if I was poof get out there publish no fear…I might be too shiny happy for horror 😳

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          1. You were supposed to counter that lol

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            1. Well, since it’s you…I will let you off 💐

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            2. I have a feeling you do the same for any of your friends. 😉 Thanks!

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            3. Only the special ones 👻

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            4. haha ahhhh, special. 🙂

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