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Official “The Treasonous” Cover Reveal!

Treasonous NEW Apr_17 web cover FINAL
The Treasonous

now . . .

. . .  have a new friend.

Book One: Princess Caityn’s beauty is stolen, leaving her ugly and nearly soulless. The thief has left her destitute of compassion, robbed of everything worthy. She is an empty, shriveled shell of who she once was, but the ones who love her will stop at nothing to find a way to restore her beauty, inside and out, before the thief makes the curse of the amulet of Dai permanent at the total lunar eclipse.

– The Beauty Thief (March 2015)

Book Two: Lady Idra, lady-in-waiting  and cousin to Princess Caityn gave up comfort and safety to help rescue the princess from the clutches of the Beauty Thief, but she made an impression on one mercenary who will erase the stain she left on his reputation by forcing her to pay with her life. But death isn’t his aim. No. He wants to see her writhe in misery. Idra is taken prisoner by this pirate whose plans for her involve slavery or ransom, whichever he is sure to gain the most from. The unassuming, timid young woman must face her fears and trust the untrustworthy if she is to escape, because she has no idea that across the Opal Sea, the man who has loved her from afar will risk everything to save her.

 – Captive Hope (Jan 2016)

Book Three: Sir Ahmad thought he could stop loving Idra, but he was only fooling himself. Running away from High Castle to protect the borders of the realm of Emlyn against invasion by Crescent Cave has only tortured him more, his love never wavering. But he has no hope that she’ll love him in return. Idra is tired of being afraid and convinces her cousin to teach her to fight. She will never again feel weak and helpless at the hands of those who wish to harm her or anyone she loves. She feels so strongly about helping those in need it doesn’t take long for her to become embroiled in a mysterious plot to overthrow the high king, endangering her life, and the lives of her friends. Ahmad must face his fears, those he buried deep within, when Idra’s disappearance and the near fatal injury to one of his fellow guardsmen wreak havoc on his sense of duty.

The Treasonous (pub Nov 29, 2016)

24 thoughts on “Official “The Treasonous” Cover Reveal!”

  1. This is going to make such a cool boxed set. Just the sort of covers that have me laying out the books on the floor and staring at the captivating display.
    Well done Rachael

    Liked by 1 person

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