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Hinting at Shadows ~ Published #NewRelease

It’s here! It’s really here! Congrats to Sarah Brentyn on this beautiful new release! Don’t miss out, folks. Get your copy of Hinting at Shadows, and buy one as a gift for your friend too! 😀

Lemon Shark


So. It has come to this.

Yes! It really has. It’s here!

Hinting at Shadows is now available in both eBook and paperback.

After some minor bumps and bruises with the ever-delightful formatting process, I am finally able to release my book into the world.

This is a collection of short fiction. Flash, micro, sudden, postcard, hint… Whatever you label it, it’s fiction. And it’s short.

As most of you know, when I write fiction, I turn to the dark side. (I am this close to a Star Wars reference…)

Hopefully, you’ll find memorable characters and situations that stay with you. I like to entertain but, really, it’s awesome if I can spark your imagination or get you thinking about possibilities.

This book is a mixture of darkness and softness. I skip the gore and go straight for the heart, allowing words to whisper dark, suggestive snapshots of the…

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