The Elite Guardsmen Series: Ahmad

I’ve taken the basic character interview put together by K.M. Weiland, pared it down a bit, and decided to use it for a fun series here on my blog called The Elite Guardsmen where I will give a spotlight to each of the twelve guardsmen of High Prince Theiandar. It’s just a fun way to introduce this long list of characters from Chronicles of the Twelve Realms that each play big and small parts throughout the series. Some you’ll remember, others will be somewhat new introductions as they have possibly only had insignificant roles to play thus far in your reading.

First up is Sir Ahmad!

sir-ahmadName: Sir Ahmad of Nevin

Background: Elite Guarsdman of the High Prince of Twelve Realms

  • Place of birth: a village outside the walls of Nevin Castle
  • Parents: Axel (Castle Nevin Gatekeeper) and Lena
  • Siblings: three younger sisters and a younger brother who died as an infant
  • Ethnic background: the world is completely made up, but imagine him looking Mediterranean, maybe Italian with olive skin and chocolate brown eyes.
  • Places lived: Nevin and High Castle
  • Education: basic and somewhat extended through the two years he was educated with the monks in the monasey at Nevin.
  • Favorite subject in school: Tracking and Almighty’s word along with the history of the Realms.
  • Special training: combat, swordplay, archery, tracking, strategy
  • Jobs: Knight and guardsmen to the High Prince of Twelve Realms, 2nd in command beside the prince.
  • Travel: All Twelve Realms plus a trip down seas to Gankobi
  • Friends: The prince of Nevin: Melvyn, High Prince Theiandar, his fellow Guardsmen
  • Enemies: Anyone who threatens the crown.
  • Dating, marriage: He hasn’t thought hard about relationships since his installment as a guardsmen, though he did have his flirtations before. But he’s not averse to the idea. In fact, one particular woman will probably drive him to an early grave.

What people does he most admire: The monks at the monasey, his father, and High Prince Theiandar.

Relationship with God: He is a believer in the Almighty and wants to live in the wisdom his word offers.

Overall outlook on life: Positive for the most part. He takes his job seriously, and possibly he feels too responsible for his fellow guardsmen.

What, if anything, would he like to change about his life: He’d like to change his family’s status in life. He feels people see him as inferior and a poor choice for his lofty position next to the high prince because he comes from a family of servants, of gatekeepers.

Is he lying to himself about something? Yes. His feelings for a woman, his responsibility in the death of his friend, and his own worth.

How is he viewed by others: He is viewed as strong, compassionate, and wise.

Physical appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin tone

  • Physical build: He’s approximately 6’ with a medium build, well-muscled but not bulging.
  • Posture: Strong, somewhat confident
  • Tattoos/piercings/scars: He has small scars all over, but his left arm is the worst after book one.
  • Voice: Deep, rich and usually soft-spoken
  • Right- or left-handed: Right-handed
  • Handicap: After book one his left arm is damaged so he is lacking feeling in some of his fingers and his mobility has been a little limited, though he recovered more than the physicians thought possible.
  • What you notice first: His eyes, they’re brown and intelligent with a hint of intensity.
  • Clothing: He usually wears the standard for knights of the time: woolen cloth trousers, a loose linen shirt, leather vest and boots, but sometimes he also wears a tunic and/or cape. Of course, as a knight he has armor. The most common of the time is hardened leather armor, but he also has metal with the under pieces such as gambeson and chain mail.

How would he describe himself: He’d describe himself as a would-be scholar and very blessed man.

Strongest/weakest character traits: Strongest traits: loyalty and courage; Weakest: taking on too much responsibility over the well-being of others and thereby carrying around unnecessary guilt.

How much self-control and self-discipline does he have: Until after book one he thought had had tremendous self-control, but he has learned that whenever he is fearful or the situation is not in his control that he lacks patience and peace. He is very self-disciplined, so it is not something he is used to feeling, any lack of self-control that is.

Fears: He fears losing those he cares for most in the world, of not being able to protect them. He is afraid of very little besides that.

Political leaning: He’s loyal to the high king and his son, through and through.

Collections, talents: He’s a talented tracker as well as can read the stars for travel, seasons, etc.

What people like best about him: That he is encouraging and honest, though sometimes people do not appreciate honesty.

Interests and favorites:

  • Food, drink: Bread with beef stew, warm milk
  • Music: Orchestral
  • Books: The Great Book, Legends of Twelve Realms, Foreign History, Reading the Stars
  • Sports, recreation: Jousting, mock battles, archery, other physical training
  • Color: Green

Best way to spend a weekend: Hunting/tracking

A great gift for this person: A new weapon or a book. Really, he would be happy just to have your time.

Pets: None, but he loves dogs.

Vehicle: His destrier (warhorse), Centaur.

Typical expressions:

  • When happy: Range from bright eyes with half smile to full on grin
  • When angry: Clenched jaw, eyes in slits
  • When sad: Clenched jaw, eyes downcast, brow furrowed

Idiosyncrasies: It’s hard to tell because he has a good deal of self-discipline, which he uses to keep his body in check. He can be seen raking his fingers through his hair when he’s frustrated, not to mention he tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve when it comes to love.

Laughs or jeers at: He laughs at his friend’s antics but avoids jeering any anyone.

Ways to cheer up this person: Spending time with him hunting, practicing fighting, archery, etc. Helping to take his mind off things outside his control.

Ways to annoy this person: Being a jerk, treating others unkindly.

Hopes and dreams: To marry the woman he loves and keep serving the high prince and kingdom. He’s a simple man.

What’s the worst thing he’s ever done to someone and why: He beat a defenseless/tied-up man senseless out of rage and to gain information.

Greatest success: Aiding in the rescue of a princess who’d been kidnapped

Biggest trauma: Seeing his young friend and fellow guardsmen die

What does he care about most in the world: His family, those he loves, honesty, loyalty, protecting the high king’s family.

Does he have a secret: No. He’s lived his life out in the open and there are no skeletons in his closet.

What does/will he like best about the other main character(s): He is drawn to devotion and love in others, to the act of self-sacrifice for the love of another.

What does/will he like least about the other main character(s): He likes least in them his own weaknesses reflected back.

If he could do one thing and succeed at it, what would it be: Kill the Beauty Thief and end the curse.

Most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him: I cannot tell!!! He says it’s too embarrassing, but it might have something to do with bathing in a lake too near a village he didn’t realize was there.

He is the kind of person who: would risk his life to protect another, who you can rely on for encouragement and support, who his quiet but compassionate.

Why will the reader sympathize with this person right away: He’s kind, but he’s honestly real with real struggles against self-doubt and fear of loss.

What actor(s) could you see playing the role of Sir Ahmad in a TV Series or Movie? 🙂

11 responses to “The Elite Guardsmen Series: Ahmad”

  1. Love your drawing of him! Character bios are great to do.

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  2. Great idea Rachael, I love your illustrations.

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    1. Thanks, Marje. I didn’t give them the nice finishing touches they deserved, at least not yet, but I had fun drawing them! 🙂

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  3. What a great, fun series! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! 🙂 I am SOOOO glad to hear someone likes it. haha And I’m VERY glad YOU like it!

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      1. It should be an interesting series. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of getting to know characters.

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        1. Me too. I hope more than anything that it will make them feel more real. 🙂

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          1. *whispers* “They are real…”

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