Guest Paul Andruss: Oh You Pretty Things…

Don’t give up. Press on. And you might surprise yourself.

Oh! You Pretty Things

A Guest Post by Paul Andruss


David and Angie with new son Duncan (1971)

Despite the chart success of Space Oddity during the Apollo moon-landing, David Bowie feared he was doomed to remain a one hit wonder. His second song destined for chart success, Oh! You Pretty Things, was ‘covered by the ex-teen-heartthrob Peter Noone. Mercifully, David included his own version on the outstanding Hunky Dory.

hunky-doryHunky Dory album cover: note David’s jacket

 ‘Look at your children

See their faces in golden rays

Don’t kid yourself they belong to you

They’re the start of a coming race

The earth is a bitch

We’ve finished our news

Homo Sapiens have outgrown their use’

(Oh! You Pretty Things)

The lyrics tapped into the post-hippy zeitgeist popularised in books such as The Morning of the Magicians (a mystical melange of Theosophy and Nazi occultism) with influences from American comics, such as Marvel’s mutant X-Men, and our home-grown TV show The Tomorrow People.

Bowie said the song came ‘in a flash – all of a sudden’ while he was stuck in traffic on a bus to Bromley. Overwhelmed with inspiration, he jumped off and ran all the way home. Where he spent hours working it out on his new piano; polishing this irresistible gem into his first anthem for a generation no longer content to stay ‘back at home with the Beatles and the Stones’.

Never underestimate the power of inspiration. When it hits… JUMP OFF THAT BUS!

But be warned, inspiration is merely 1% of genius. The other 99% is perspiration.

Bear that in mind while slogging your guts out for weeks, even months, frustrated you will never do justice to your great idea.

And remember, one day someone will read your work; turn green with envy, and wonder how come you write so effortlessly.


David and Angie: the original

‘Pretty Things are going to Hell’

A David Bowie song: not a moral judgement


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 THANKS to our guest, Paul Andruss!

7 responses to “Guest Paul Andruss: Oh You Pretty Things…”

  1. Thanks for putting this up Rachael

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    1. You are welcome, and THANK YOU for being a guest on my blog again, for sharing your thoughtful insights, and your genuine encouragement! ❤

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      1. You are joking. What you have just said to me I feel I should be saying to you. I am full of admiration for your blog and the gift you have for getting people involved. So Thank you Rachael

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        1. ❤ Too kind! I can be such a flake sometimes, mostly just forgetful and absentminded, but it's people like you who make me want to do better. Happy Valentines Day, btw! 😀

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