Author Spotlight; Rachael Ritchey

Thanks to G. Jefferies for the kind Author Spotlight for The Beauty Thief! 🙂

Fiction is Food

Author of YA fiction The Chronicles of the Twelve Realms, Rachael Ritchey’s first book The Beauty Thief is a wonderful introduction to her series.

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10 responses to “Author Spotlight; Rachael Ritchey”

  1. Nice piece, Rachael! Love the trailor!

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  2. My pleasure Rachael. Hope it was OK. More in the future I hope…. although…I could run some catch ups on the ones already published 😂

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    1. haha I think you’ve already got a backlog of TBRs to catch up on! 😉

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      1. Pfft, I have the second one already! How many more? I know of three, but are you not telling me something 😱

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        1. I have two more to go in the main series…there will also be a prequel and possibly other stories not related but in the same world. Just a couple…few.

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          1. Trouble with series is each character has backstories that could produce everlasting tales… each brings in new characters who also have backstories with new characters who have backstories…which… 😂😂

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            1. It’s like the infinity of alternate realities! 😀

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            2. Eek, don’t get me on that one! A to Z has me in multiple worlds already 😳

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful Avatar
    Woebegone but Hopeful

    Well deserved

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