La Puerta de Siempre #blogbattle

Okay, so my Cave #BlogBattle story is a total cheat. This is an excerpt from a short story I’ve been working on. I doubt it will make a ton of sense, but it’s exciting, and you’ll be able to read the whole thing in the ASF Short Story Contest Anthology book, The Crux, when it comes out!

So enjoy!

La Puerta de Siempre

The hushed whisper of his name called to him from a million miles away. He floated on the night sky, stars glittering all around, no ground beneath his feet.

“Owen,” the familiar voice whispered again. “Owen,” she said, firm and a little harsh.

Stinging pain shot through his cheek and he groaned, the stars fading into the blurry face of Julianna, her wet white-blond hair matted and hanging limp around her face. He blinked several times and rubbed his cheek. “That wasn’t necessary.”

“Sure. And Vesuvius never blew.” Julianna flopped back and leaned on a rock at her back.

Owen rolled to his elbow and pressed up into a sitting position as he groaned and took in the immensity of the cave. Light filtered in from somewhere above. He could still hear the falls but in a distant way. His rain poncho hung on him in shreds, so he pulled it off, and instead of dwelling too much on his sudden fear of being trapped, he stood and helped Julianna to her feet.

“Where are w—”

Words escaped him at the sight of a structure so far out of place his mind could not grasp it. A Taj Mahal-like arch reached toward the roof of the cavern, light spilling in to illuminate it.

La Puerta de Siempre,” Julianna said, her voice soft with reverence. “It must be.”

Before Owen could stop her, she charged up over the rocks, along the mossy path, up ancient dilapidated steps. He could hear her laugh, her joy and amazement bright enough to rub off on even him. He followed her at a slower pace, rubbing just below the wound on his shoulder. With a wary eye, he scanned the dark corners of the unbelievable cave.

Most of the light seemed concentrated on the arch atop the hill of rock, its timeworn, ridged surface covered in thick moss so green and soft Owen thought of lying down and resting. But that notion was short-lived as a shot rang out in the cave, reverberating off the walls and only matched by the scream of his sister who ducked, covering her head with her hands.

Owen stumbled but immediately broke into a run up the slick steps toward the top where Julianna slowly stood, her hands raised in the air. He slowed to a stop near the top as Miguel Alvarado, five of his bodyguards, and Jorge came into view. The goons had all guns pointed at Julianna. They didn’t even bother pointing one at Owen with her in their sites.

Jorge’s hands rested at his waist and were tied with rope, and he sported a dark, puffy bruise around his left eye which had disappeared in the swelling of his face.

Alvarado leafed through the ancient journal. “You know, Mr. McFadden, I underestimated you. I do not know how you hid that map without my seeing. If not for Dr. Shaeffer, we would not have arrived with such haste, and who knows what damage you and your sister might have done here.”

Wouldn’t you like to know! 😉

Thanks for reading this super short excerpt by way of my entry to Blog Battle this month!

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18 responses to “La Puerta de Siempre #blogbattle”

  1. Love this Rachael The cave prompt was amazing. 🙂

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    1. I liked that one a lot. Wish I’d have had more time this month to write something else, but I’m glad this aligned with the prompt enough to be worth sharing. 😀 Thank you!

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  2. Oooh, nice Rachael. The anthology is well worth a buy just to see the rest of this! Which reminds me, I must sort out your email. Tricky times still here unfortunately, but next week I’m hoping to get a decent photo sorted by a professional. Will get back to you ASAP then.

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    1. Thanks Gary! I look forward to getting all that good stuff from you! For now I’ve got a placeholder in for you in the book, but nothing is set in stone yet! Still waiting on the editor’s notes too. 🙂

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      1. Ooh, a placeholder. That’s rather exciting. I just need to get my time organised and get onto it. Been a bit chaotic of late as you know!

        By editors notes, you’re not referring to me replying with those I hope as I did send them back 😱

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        1. lol No, an editor friend of mine is just going over everything to make sure I didn’t mess up the basic grammar of the book. We’re only fixing typos, basically! But she’s a busy mom and English composition teacher with extensive structure education and experience. 🙂
          This is what I wrote for your author bio based on what you have elsewhere on your blog/social media (if you like, we can keep):
          “Gary Jefferies is a former research scientist turned primary stay-at-home dad of two fantastic children. Writing was always factual in the previous life. Yet a fascination with fiction lingered nearby, even though he thought himself not brave enough to develop it further. A comfort zone thing. Science writing was familiar, fiction was not. Blogging has opened up doors and instilled confidence to pursue his passion for writing by combining his knowledge, expertise, and creativity to build a career in writing from home around children!” 🙂

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          1. Good idea, always useful to get another persons eyes scanning through it, especially one with the right skill set!

            The bio I’ve seen somewhere lol. I need to update that on my blog too. Fiction has been lifelong reflecting back. Always had an active imagination there, just never pursued it. Major error lol. The kids, as you now know, are pretty much grown up now. Writing is something that I can draw on more now. Even if the comfort zone still says no 😂

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        2. If you like it okay, we can just get that picture when you have it! ;D

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          1. Will try this week. I’ve got to get a passport photo and the place I’m going has that facility too. Long overdue an author photo for when I upgrade stuff. 😱

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  3. Enticing – what happens next? There’s no such thing as cheating in the blog battle is there? 😉

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    1. lol, not really. 🙂 I’m glad it’s enticing. I’d like for people to enjoy reading the entire thing in the book! 🙂

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      1. When is it going to be out to read?


  4. I can’t wait to read the whole thing in the anthology!! ❤️

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    1. I hope it’s not a disappointment! haha 🙂 I didn’t give myself the same limit I made everyone else follow, though, so I guess that’s a perk of hosting the anthology. haha


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