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From Homebody to International Traveler!

Guess what! You’ll never guess. I’ll just tell you.

I’m going to Ireland! Yes, in just a week, I’ll be taking a hop, skip and jump over the Atlantic Ocean to the green isle of Ireland where I’ll be with my family for two whole weeks! I cannot believe it.

Why can’t I believe it?

Some of you are thinking that’s no big deal, right? I have never before had a passport. I have never before left the continent of North America (except a brief visit to Nassau, Bahamas. But I’m not sure that counts?) I have never been to California. That one always surprises people.

So why am I telling you about this trip?

Well, I’m excited for one. And for another, I’d love to hear if you’ve been to Ireland or about a time you’ve traveled outside your home area or to another country. What experiences did you have that stuck with you?

If you’ve been to Ireland, what do you suggest is a must-see while we’re there? Give the details! What should we know about the land and the people? The last thing we want to do is be offensive, rude Americans.

Are you curious?

What would you like to know about our trip when we are there or when we get back? Are you curious about anything Ireland? I’ll be happy to gather what information and history for you I can.

Can’t wait!

14 thoughts on “From Homebody to International Traveler!”

  1. Sounds exciting! I’m not much of a traveller. Twenty years ago, my mom persuaded me to go with her to Lithuania, where she was born. We stayed with family and my uncle and cousins showed us around. It was really interesting. “Old” in Europe can mean 1,000+ years old, rather than one or two hundred. I’ve never been to Ireland, although my husband’s ancestors came from there. Actually, I think there are some similarities between Ireland and Lithuania — fairly flat green country with a long and sometimes troubled history. I’m sure you’ll find it a worthwhile and inspiring trip.

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      1. It’s getting a bit dim after 20 years. I’ll have to dig out the notes I took. Two things I remember — speed limits of 130 or 140 km/hr on the main highways, and Russian rap on the radio. Also an outdoor performance of Haydn’s Creation conducted by the late Yehudi Menuhin. And a park featuring traditional buildings from different parts of the country, complete with furniture. It was built in Soviet times; after indpendence a new exhibit was added — a cattle car such as was used to transport Lithuanians and others to Siberia. Yes, it was a worthwhile visit! Hope your experiences in Ireland are similar.


    1. I have no doubt you are right, Darlene. I’ve had the bug to do it since I was probably 10 years old and never really had the chance to do much. Although that trip that took us to Nassau was pretty good. Lots of memories! And I lived in SE Alaska when I was a kid, so there’s more adventures that not many people have experienced too. I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Wisconsin Dells while I get some work done at a family reunion (everyone else is at a water park. 🙂 ). By next week I’ll have seen the Football Hall of Fame and Gettysburg, plus a stop at MIT to tour the campus! 🙂 That’s all before we leave for Ireland! I’m so excited.

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