Cover Reveal: Freeze Thaw by Selina J. Eckert

This is one of several book covers I get to reveal to you in the next few days! Look for another one this weekend, and one more will arrive on Monday. I love seeing new book covers and discovering upcoming reads that will be piled onto my beautiful TBR stack.

Book Synopsis

Archaeology student Owen is ready for the field trip of his life. But what starts as a routine glacier dig becomes much more when he finds something he never expected… a sleeping girl frozen in the ice. And when she awakens, he is pulled into a prehistoric world of ice and magic that he never knew existed. This exciting retelling of Sleeping Beauty will drop you right into the heart of the Ice Age and pull you forward into the world of glacier archaeology.

Freeze Thaw was chosen as a Top Ten Finalist for the Five Magic Spindles contest by Rooglewood Press in 2015.

You can preorder the book here:

Check out the author’s page for more on the reveal:

Find out more about Selina J. Eckert & connect:

2 responses to “Cover Reveal: Freeze Thaw by Selina J. Eckert”

  1. Of course the cover is great!! The book sounds great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I only wish I designed it. 🙂 It is great. ❤


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