Book Cover Reveal for Beast of the Night by E.E. Rawls

Happy day to you! On the timeline, while I write, it is Sunday. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and a steady breeze rustles the pine needles. That trembling of branches and leaves, it always reminds me of the rush of a river, but in an ebb and flow that only nature could possibly know. It is both gentle and powerful. Both welcome when it cools heated skin and fearful when it threatens destruction.

How did we get from a sunny, peaceful day to destruction? Well, that’s not easy to explain. But I can tell you that thinking about Beast of the Night by E.E. Rawls while listening to the wind through the trees has definitely influenced my thinking!

Cover Reveal

A one-armed girl. A lord hiding a curse. A dark secret with the town’s fate hanging in the balance.

A Beauty and the Beast retelling with an Austrian twist and a new breed of curse.

Look at this gorgeous cover!
Now you see why I couldn’t help waxing poetric about the dark nature of the wind…or you don’t, which is cool too. Just soak in the beauty of this pretty beast.

Book Synopsis

When Rosen moves to Freudendorf—a secluded town in the Alps—with her dad, he vanishes on her and the debt collectors come to call: taking her into slave labor. As if that wasn’t bad enough, just when all her hopes and dreams for a normal life are ruined, a frail zombie-like butler purchases her: taking her to serve Lord Varick, who currently resides in the forbidden castle near the salt mines, where the Beast of the Night is said to roam.

Varick is handsome, with an attitude that’s the exact opposite. The servants aren’t human, and the castle itself is an ugly wreck. But if Rosen cannot solve the dark secret spreading beneath Freudendorf, and the curse holding Varick’s cold heart, then both they and the town will fall prey to a waiting evil—and worse, lose their memory of it.

Where to get a copy:

Beast of the Night releases June 11th, 2020

and I’ll be sharing my book review closer to that date, but in the meantime, I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fairytale retellings with a twist!


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And for all you bookish bloggers:

The Book Release Tour begins June 11th-26th! You can join the tour and help promote this book by signing up HERE.

Author Bio:

E. E. Rawls

E.E. Rawls is the product of a traveling family, who even lived in Italy for 6 years. She loves exploring the unknown, whether it be in a forest, inside a forgotten castle, or within the pages of a book.

She runs on coffee, cuddly cats and the beauty of nature to keep the story wheels of her mind running, as she writes tales that will both entertain and inspire others, giving them worlds they can explore and become lost within.


6 responses to “Book Cover Reveal for Beast of the Night by E.E. Rawls”

  1. All the rich evocative colours and movement in the backgrounds, and the two plain figures almost cut-out figures from a child’s activity book.
    Captivating, sets all kinds of thoughts tumbling through the imagination

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    1. I only wish I’d designed it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’ve produced your own magic too Rachael.💐 🌷 🌹 🥀 🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ❤ Thanks, Roger. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

  2. The book sounds interesting, and that’s a gorgeous cover!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! I love the cover. The colors and style are perfect. I signed up for the book tour, so I got an ARC copy, and I enjoyed the book so much. It was just enough of a retelling to make it feel familiar, but it is entirely its own story. 🙂 Very much enjoyed it!


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