Cover Reveal: Exodus by C. J. Hawthorne

More YA book love for debut novel Exodus by C. J. Hawthorne! Another gorgeous cover to reveal and book to share.

The official book release date is March 12th, 2021!

Available for preorder on Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

I was privileged to work with C. J. Hawthorne to create the interior design and formatting as well as the text/typsetting of the full cover design, but this is another beautiful cover illustration created by Nibelart!


“My name is Clo Sterling of the New Exodus humans. If anyone is out there, please respond.”

For five years, the people of colonist ship New Exodus have lived peacefully on their new home planet. But for eighteen-year-old Cloelia Sterling, one planet has never been enough. When her curiosity leads her to send a message into deep space, she discovers that life does indeed exist on other planets… and not all of it is friendly. With the help of a colorful crew, Clo is launched on an interplanetary quest to save not just her people, but countless others across the solar system. 

Exodus is a YA soft science fiction novel that looks to be full of adventure, some potential sweet romance, and a lot of aliens!

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You can connect with author C. J. Hawthorne on IG @catherine_grace_loves_space

2 responses to “Cover Reveal: Exodus by C. J. Hawthorne”

    1. Thanks, Cathleen. The whole book looks great! I just got a print copy in the mail today. 🙂

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