Cover Reveal for Book 2 in Draev Guardians Series!

It’s finally almost here! I’ve been anticipating the release of


Book 2 of the Draev Guardians series by E. E. Rawls!

Book one, Strayborn (click here for my review), introduces us to Cyrus (a half human, half vempar girl) and Aken-Shou (a pureblood–scourgeblood–vempar) who are both in danger of life and limb. In Strayborn, Cyrus wants nothing more than to be join the DG league, but she pretends to be a boy at the academy to reach her goal, a risk that comes with consequences. Aken-Shou just wants to live his life without being hated by his people or thought to be a monster, but circumstances put him in the crosshairs of terrible speculation and threat. If you haven’t read book 1 of the Draev Guardians series, I’d definitely recommend picking it up now!


Book 2: Strayblood

cover reveal and synopsis

What it’s about…

“I am the rescuer of the weak. The hope of those who have none. And the executioner of vempar kind. I am the White Ghost—and your worst nightmare.”

With the events of the Festival Duel over, Cyrus wants to focus on training her Ability with metal. But trouble soon comes in the form of a shapeshifter: the White Ghost, who’s determined to exterminate all vempar kind, and he’s seeking the power of the Swan Princess in order to carry out his plan.

Seriously, why can’t people just leave Cyrus alone? She doesn’t want to be the Swan, some reborn hero from legend! She just wants to be with her friends and train to become a Draev Guardian. Is that too much to ask for?

Apparently, it is. The Oracle, who happens to be a faeryn child, can lead the Ghost right to her—and the Impure Nights, as well. Harlow must keep the Oracle safe, but with the Academy’s yearly Hunters Race coming up, things get even more complicated. The Scourgeblood in Aken’s veins is awakening, and to face the powerful shapeshifter, Cyrus’s fellow Draevs-in-training may have to pay the ultimate price…

Releases December 1st!


Author Bio:

E.E. Rawls is the product of a traveling family, who even lived in Italy for 6 years. She loves exploring the unknown, whether it be in a forest, inside a forgotten castle, or within the pages of a book. She runs on coffee, cuddly cats and the beauty of nature to keep the story wheels of her mind turning, as she writes stories that will both entertain and inspire, creating worlds that one can explore and quickly become lost within… Be careful you don’t lose your way.


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4 responses to “Cover Reveal for Book 2 in Draev Guardians Series!”

  1. Thank you so much! ❤

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  2. Captivating covers. Serious and poignant faces still youthful but with eyes older than they should be conveying pain and hardship, supportive of the narrative.

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    1. I think so too, Roger. I love your observations. 🙂

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      1. Covers are important, for catching the attention of an intended audience for all sorts of reasons.
        I was glad to see the first book had received 18 ratings on Amazon and was up in the 4+. That must have been very encouraging while going through all the efforts any writer faces in writing a series.

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