Book Review: King of Realms by Britt Asher

A new book just landed on shelves! This one is a fantastic debut MG/lower YA novel in a new series by Britt Asher.

King of Realms is about…

Twelve-year-old Varric wants nothing more than to save his mom’s life. After all, it’s his fault she’s dying. But when he breaks into a castle to steal a magical relic that might save her, the relic is stolen right out from under his nose. Even worse, he’s arrested for the theft. Unless he can find and return the missing relic within two weeks, he’ll be executed by a magical explosive on his wrist. As if that weren’t bad enough, Varric discovers that the relic is actually a key to an ancient prison containing a malicious and powerful creature. Varric’s quest to save himself and his mom turns into a race to keep the prison locked and save all of humanity from destruction.

My daughter and I read it and loved it. I think it’s a great read for family’s together and appropriate for most all ages who love chapter books.

Here’s my review:

Awww! My daughter and I read this together and enjoyed it so much. Varric, Setia, and Argo are a dynamic trio whose adventure through the realms goes from a simple retrieval to a life and death race to stop an unknown evil from crushing their world.

Varric is what’s called an Interloper whose ability is to be able to jump and transport things or other people through time & space wherever he’s been before. In order to save his mom, he thinks he needs this relic that is protected in another realm, but someone else gets to it before he does. He’s caught in the act and his power is blocked by the captors. The king wants the law fulfilled (death for trying to steal the relic), but a stranger speaks on the young man’s behalf. If he can get the relic back he can keep his life. 

The king’s daughter feels she has something to prove and vows to go with Varric. The man who spoke up for Varric, Argo, also vows to go with them because as winner of the games, he is promised one wish on the relic. (Tiny spoiler: Little does he know he might not need it!)

There are some fantastical realms and fun world building. The the adventurers travel the realms and discover new magic and a growing friendship. They battle against dark forces and meet other entertaining characters along the way. 

My daughter and I recommend this book to anyone nine and older. It’s a great middle grade and young adult read with tension, action, adventure, friendship, and courage as hallmarks.

You can find out more about Britt Asher at her website: find links to connect with her on social media and through her email newsletter.

If you’d like to buy King of Realms, here’s the book2read link to buy from your preferred retailer!

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  1. This is an interesting book review. Keep going and enjoy. Have a great day.


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