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Interview with #BlogBattle “Feather” Winner: Andy D.

Another great story theme has produced another great winner. Andy hails from The Whale & the Petunias. He's a newbie to the #BlogBattles, but we are so glad to have him join the ranks with his creative talent. It's amazing to me, each week, to see all the creativity and talent brought out by imagination and a… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle “Feather” Winner: Andy D.

#BlogBattles, BlogBattle Interview

Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

 Last week our #BlogBattle word was DIVE, and with it came a new player to the game: Grace Petrelli! Grace is a writer who lives in my very own neighborhood. Not my actual neighborhood, like down the street, but in my physical vicinity. I actually met her in person first! Crazy stuff right there. Though… Continue reading Interview with #BlogBattle Newcomer & “Dive” Winner Grace Petrelli

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“Gift” #BlogBattle Winner Interview: Claire Banschbach

This is a very late interview with our Week 42 "Gift" #BlogBattle Winner. But I suppose I subscribe to the old adage, "better late than never!" Claire's story, The Strange Gift, was a wonderfully fantastical story about a girl who learned to love books in the most magical way. If you haven't read it yet… Continue reading “Gift” #BlogBattle Winner Interview: Claire Banschbach