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Time Traveler & His Wife: Flash Fiction

Dan Alatorre's Plot Point Flash Fiction Challenge! Rules are at the bottom, but I have to include this phrase: "Yeah! Not so easy now is it, tough guy???" and this RANDOM Plot from Movie Plot Generator: Go for the Horde He was a depressed cop on the edge, who had a dream of life and forearms… Continue reading Time Traveler & His Wife: Flash Fiction


Mad Mona’s Monkey Business #BlogBattle “Spaghetti”

Click here for a previous Mad Mona, Monarch of Madonia story. #BlogBattle Week 16: Spaghetti Monarch of Madonia: Mad Mona's Monkey Business I'm not even sure how we ended up here. Majesty Mona actually had what one could consider a lucid day yesterday, and I was hoping for a repeat today, but it was too… Continue reading Mad Mona’s Monkey Business #BlogBattle “Spaghetti”


Madness #BlogBattle by Kassi

Madness Crazy, Cuckoo, Looney Tunes I’m friends with the mad-hatter I love to play basketball It’s all about the madness! Why lock crazies away? We all are mad! Everyone belongs in some kind of mad-house! All the best people are mad!   2015 Copyright Kassi G All Rights Reserved


Mad Mona #BlogBattle Week 8: Madness

This week #BlogBattle Week 8 Theme: Madness Next Week's Theme: Bun 😉 Click here to find out how to join in! Mad Mona, Her Majesty of Madonia No one likes a complainer. Not even me. But today I feel like complaining. I can't take much more of this! Her Majesty is off her rocker, and somehow… Continue reading Mad Mona #BlogBattle Week 8: Madness