#BlogBattle Theme: Prophet

Rejected Prophet

photo credit: Trek Earth
photo credit: Trek Earth

My bones ache from sleeping on the hard earth. There’s no avoiding the stiff movements and cracks as I work my way into a sitting position, but it is good to be alive.

It could have gone the other way, but a man took pity on me I suppose. When the first called for my stoning, I was sure it would be my last message. But the other man, he almost seemed to be listening. I sensed a contrite heart, but after escorting me to the city gate he dismissed me without a second glance.

They rejected me and laughed at the words I said, but there is no way to avoid what is to come. They’ve been warned. There is nothing else I can do, so I shall knock the dust of this place from my sandals.

The sun is not yet risen over the horizon. If I start now I can make it to the next city before the noon heat beats down upon my brow. Maybe they will hear the message of this prophet and repent. It is not too late. The Lord will make a way where there seems no way.

This is super short, I know! It seemed enough today. Been quite busy with the WIP. Finished the manuscript for Captive Hope, but still have a lot of work ahead of me! Be sure to look for #BlogBattle on Twitter or peruse the various battler blogs! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Rejected”

    1. Thanks IBFF. I was disappointed bit to do a Grecca story, but I feel like I should be a good example and do different/real short stories. I may still use the prompts to write Grecca and post on a different day. If I can find the time.

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      1. Oh my goodness – here am I thinking that next week I should do something different as well – we are really getting telepathic! Am worried about what other mental vibes of mine you are picking up on 🙂

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    1. Thanks Candice! I was hoping I’d conveyed the story with as few words as possible. I’m going to move away from Grecca for battles, and I’m also going to have a goal of fewer words to tell my stories. We’ll see how it goes. I may still write Grecca a couple times a month just for fun, though!

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      1. Good for you! This has been my hope for my pieces as well. I am a very long winded writer. I like the challenge of giving less but making it seem more. Hopefully both of us will accomplish our goals. And I have been seeing a lot of Elon Musk in my youtube feed…bizarre as most of what I follow on youtube has to do with food or music lol

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