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#BlogBattle Week 23 “Oasis” Entries & Voting

#BlogBattle 23 Story Theme: Oasis

(basic rules at the bottom of the post)

Look for everyone’s stories using #BlogBattle on Twitter, too! Wednesday, the poll gets added. Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in a new window so that you can easily navigate back to this list.

RULES for VOTING: Anyone can vote as long as you’ve read ALL the stories for this week by 10 PM PDT, SUNDAY. Vote for your TOP 3 favorites. Winner announced on Monday! (With as many great stories as get submitted, I think we all need just a little more time to read them and vote!)

**** Of Castles in the Sand by Beatonm @ Becoming the Muse

**** Roots by Sarah B. @ Lemon Shark Reef

**** The Unfulfilled Thirst by Kristin @ Pursuit of a New Adventure

The Garden by Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore

Water Jumper by Claire Banschbach

The Gutter Sprite’s Oasis by Tracey @ What’s for Dinner, Doc?

Oasis by PhoenixGrey85

Oasis of Mars by Rachael Ritchey

Hope by Melissa Barker-Simpson

A Place by Kassi G.

Waters of Oasis by Candice Coates

No Escape by E. Rawls

A Human Oasis by Andrew @ Blessed are the Pure in Heart

PS If I’m missing your story, just leave me a comment to let me know!

Anyone, regardless of participation, who reads ALL the stories for the week may vote.

PLEASE VOTE for your top THREE favorites (not all for the same, though!).

Vote by 10 PM PST on Sunday so I can announce the winner on Monday Thank you so much. I enjoy our weekly stories a great deal, and I hope you do, too!


  1. 1000 words max
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. Post your story on Tuesday, by 11:59 PM PST
  7. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle when tweeting your story, put a linkback to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section of this page, and/orinclude a link to this page in your own blog post(it creates a “ping-back” which will alert me and our friends to your #BlogBattle post)
  8. Have fun!

Each winner will receive this awesome #BlogBattle Winner Badge to display with their winning story on their webpage:

BlogBattle award 1

48 thoughts on “#BlogBattle Week 23 “Oasis” Entries & Voting”

  1. I didn’t make it for this week’s edition, I blame the altitude and the fact that it would be written on my phone (I actually started a story for this week’s word, but ran out of time)..So hopefully I’ll join in once again next week.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Nope! Not missing anything! They haven’t submitted their stories yet. Everyone has untik midnight tonight (PST) to post for this week. I copy and paste from week to week so that I can save some time. 🙂 Oh, do you have a name other than your blog title we can call you? Welcome to the battle! 🙂


        1. 😀 Thanks, Kristin! It’s a real pleasure to have you join. I’m looking forward to reading your story. If you want to start thinking about next week, the word will be ‘Troop!’ My son turns eight today, and he picked the word for us. 🙂


          1. Well happy bday to him. Thx for the heads up for next week. Is it too late to change my title for this week now that I understand how this all works haha?

            Liked by 1 person

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