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The Crux Anthology Authors Donate Book Profits to Compassion International

This post is overdue as it was promised for January! Sorry for the delay. Better late than never. And today’s my birthday, so even better!

The Crux Anthology has now been in print for about three months, and thanks to some generous book buyers the anthology was sold in ebook fifty times and in print another twenty due to presales in November through sales to the end of December 2018!

Between ebooks and print books sold during that time-frame, it equated to $83.00 (I rounded up to the nearest dollar) USD profit.

I’m a sucker (the best kind) for helping a worthy cause, which I think we can all agree that helping children in need is worthy, so I rounded the donation up to $100 for Compassion International’s Where Most Needed Fund.

This donation is completely due to the generosity of those who’ve bought the book and our fabulous authors!

Thank you!

And the best news

If you haven’t bought your copy of The Crux Anthology yet, it’s not too late.

Every time this book is sold, the profits from the sales will be tallied for the year and donated in January/February of the following year to Compassion International’s Where Most Needed Fund.

As writers, it means so much to us to know you want to enjoy our hard work and support a charity that positively impacts the lives of children in need across the globe.

Where to Purchase

Make sure you check out the listing of Authors involved at The Crux Anthology page on this site:

Happy 2019 Book Buying, my friends!

20 thoughts on “The Crux Anthology Authors Donate Book Profits to Compassion International”

          1. Thanks Rachael, that’s so nice to know. My series is taking on a life of its own and for once I might have ‘hopes’ for it, to the extent or revisiting Vol I (Of Patchwork Warriors) just to tighten up the prose; Vol II is having another self-edit re-run and I am thinking …’Hey this could work’… Even typing out some bits and pieces for Vol III and thinking about the theme for Vol IV…..The narrative has taken over!
            No I didn’t get the e-mail, freaky stuff again I’m guessing, send it to and I will keep a hawk-eye out for it in post & spam (although that particular address is mostly spam free)
            Thanks again for all your help, guidance and above all encouragement!

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            1. Hi Rachael.
              Simply blown away by the design.
              Full e-mail reply sent a few minutes ago.
              Thank you so very, very much

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