Writer’s Block? Is it a Thing?

This is a great video from Jerry B. Jenkins that explains what we are really struggling with when it comes to that amorphous thing called Writer’s Block.

In the video, Mr. Jenkins discusses in simple terms the controversial view about it not being writer’s block that we’re suffering from. I tend to agree with him, and he’s much better at explaining the issue than I am.

Enjoy the video and see why writer’s block is less of a thing than fear and other issues!

I hope you are encouraged and find some useful advice on how to conquer writer’s block.

4 responses to “Writer’s Block? Is it a Thing?”

  1. Good reminders – something I definitely needed to hear. Thanks for sharing, Rachael!

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    1. I did too! I’m glad you found it useful, David. How is your writing life going, btw?


      1. It’s comatose… but NaNo is coming up, so I’m starting to plot and plan.

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        1. I have had those seasons as well, but glad to hear NaNo is waking the writing! 🙂


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