New Release! Come Marching Home by Hazel West

I have been away from the blogosphere for over a month now! I know I post even less often than that anymore it seems, but I hope you’re all doing well. I plan on coming back later this month and actually getting my head back in the game. BUT, now that that business is settled, let’s get on to what we’re really here for:


Title: Come Marching Home

Genre: Fantasy


After being away for over a year, Alfonse Keller has returned from the trenches on Teuton’s western front, fighting in the war that’s broken out against the Steppes. He should feel relieved now that’s he’s back in his own village in the care of his brother Ernst, but he’s not. It seems like nothing has changed except for him, like he’s a traveler from a different world.

When Alfonse left to join the army, he was a natural magician making a name for himself, but after a tragic incident resulting in the death of his friend, and his own crippling injury, he no longer has the ability to use magic.

Suffering from constant nightmares and revisited trauma, Alfonse can’t get the trenches out of his head. Ernst tries to help, but he doesn’t really understand either. How can he, when Alfonse doesn’t really understand himself? He feels like a phantom, standing on the outskirts of a life he’ll never live again.

As Ernst tries to do everything he can for his brother, he can’t help but feel like Alfonse is slipping away, that maybe part of him never left the trenches at all. But how can he save his brother when Alf refuses to let anyone in?

Release Date:

October 13th

(To read an excerpt, stick around to the end!)

Order Info

If you pre-order Come Marching Home or just order a copy of it by the end of October (extending because the paperback won’t be available for preorder) You can email the receipt of your purchase to with your address and Hazel will send you a goodie pack!



-A bookmark

-A sticker with art by H.S.J. Williams @h.s.j._williams

-A playlist curated by Hazel

-And if you order the paperback, you will get a signed bookplate


Hazel West will be doing a live art-stream and Q&A on Instagram (@modern_bard67) with Claire Banschbach (@cmbanschbach) on

Tuesday October 13th at 8:30 pm EST/5:30 pm PST

to celebrate the release! Please make sure to mention this and share the graphic with the times if you are hosting on Monday or Tuesday

All the best places to connect with Hazel West

Where to find Come Marching Home


There will be a giveaway for 2 signed copies of the book + swag packs (including all the things you get in the pre-orders)

Giveaway link (if the html doesn’t work for you):

EXCERPT from Come Marching Home by Hazel West

General Roth was sitting there at his desk, wearing his typical sour face, but Alfonse felt nothing. It was odd, because usually he could barely stand the sight of the man anymore, after he had seen the General’s true colors. Now he was too tired to be bothered to feel much of anything.

At the General’s shoulder, was Captain Beck, Alfonse’s direct commanding officer. His fatherly face was tight and concerned as it had been every time he looked at Alfonse lately. The young man felt uncomfortable receiving his Captain’s concern. He was fine. He had to be fine.

“Have a seat, Keller,” the Captain said as he came in, motioning to a chair.

Alfonse looked at it, and decided that the awkward attempt to sit with his crutch’s support and getting back up again would be too much.

“I’ll stand, thank you,” he replied.

The captain pressed his lips together, but didn’t protest. Alfonse shifted his grip on his crutch and glanced down, suddenly feeling bad, like he had disappointed his captain even though he knew that was silly.

“Sergeant Major Keller,” the General said, startling Alfonse back into the present. He looked up to meet the man’s hard grey eyes. “I’m sorry to inform you that, due to your injuries, we don’t see that you are fit to serve any longer. So, I’m going to offer you an honorable discharge, for the time being.” He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a small wooden box. “However, your act in the tunnel was one of bravery. Without your quick thinking, the enemy would have made it to our camp. Because of that, you have been awarded an Iron Eagle for your actions.”

He slid the box across the desk. Alfonse stood there for a long moment before he reached out for it. He opened the box and saw the medal sitting in a velvet divot, the ribbon was the blue of the Teuton national flag, and from it hung an iron eagle encircled by a laurel.

He should say thank you, that he was honored, and yet every word stuck in his throat. He closed the box, holding it numbly. He felt Captain Beck watching him and shame and a million other things started to wash over him.

“A transport will be leaving tomorrow morning to take the wounded soldiers back to the home front,” General Roth was saying and Alfonse forced himself to look back up at him. “Have your things packed.”

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Come Marching Home by Hazel West

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  1. Ah we’ve both been away.
    Glad to see you back and being your stalwart and energetic self supporting writers.
    Well done Rachael

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    1. You are being waaaaay to kind! 😀 I’m so glad to be back and will hopefully be better than ever. *fingers crossed*

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      1. Keep on keeping on Rachael! 👏😃

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  2. Thanks for hosting today!

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  3. So, just like the book character, you are returning home? Do you share any other similarities? Can you, too, perform magic?

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    1. I wish! 😀 That could turn out either good or bad for me, though. haha

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  4. great and hard work to present such detailed post, very enjoyable

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