Book Review: Madness Solver in Wonderland (Part 1) by E. E. Rawls

So, in my last blog post I shared the beautiful cover of this book with you, and today I’d like to share a review in conjunction with the book release tour of Madness Solver in Wonderland by E. E. Rawls.

I adore this cover!


Five stars

And I enjoyed this book. Madnes Hatter and his eccentric friends are a magical and fun set of characters to romp between worlds with, looking to solve problems and uncover mysteries.

Madnes’s friends Harrey and Alice bring just the right balance of humor and intrigue to the personal life of the newest Madness Solver. Harrey, in fact, makes me laugh. He’s both brilliant and goofy and a little oblivious.

And I think if you’re a fan of J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter and friends, you’ll enjoy Madness Solver in Wonderland. Madnes is one in a long line of Hatters (they make hats!) who has inherited the terrible and essential role of Madness Solver to keep the peace between Earth and Wonderland. Whenever trouble arises, he must solve the mysteries, fix the problems, and hope he doesn’t have to use the madness solving power granted to him because, well, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!

And to top it all off, his once-upon-a-time best friend Oz is causing all kinds of mischief that leaves Madnes in a lurch.

For me, on a personal level, this was a hugely enjoyable read. I got to see Madnes Hatter’s character in early development when he was the fun and creative spark from E. E. Rawls’ BlogBattle stories. To see what she’s accomplished with this character and the world building is fanastic.

I’m halfway through book two in this duology, and I cannot recommend enough getting both books. The second Madness Solver book is just as good as the first and in some ways, the world building in it is even better. You get to see so much more of Wonderland and all its craziness!

So, if you’re a fan of Alice in Wonderland-type madness and curiosity as well as fantasy like Harry Potter, you’ll definitely enjoy these books and quirky characters. I recommend Madness Solver in Wonderland for readers of 6th grade and up.

These would actually be a really fun family read!

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Book Blurb:

Teenage Madnes Hatter wants more to life than what his island hometown has to offer—and he definitely doesn’t want a boring future in hat-making, like his parents. But he sure doesn’t expect a well-dressed cat named Cheshire to suddenly pop into his life and make everything worse—giving him the power of the Madness Solver and making him the guardian and peacekeeper between Wonderland and Earth.

What the heck? When he said he wanted more to life, this wasn’t what he meant! Now, he’s the only one who can see Wonderland creatures as they walk the streets, and when there’s trouble, it’s his job to solve it. His friends, Alice and Harrey, think he’s going crazy. But when a problem arises with the portals linking Wonderland to Earth, an old mystery is brought to light—the case of the death of the previous Madness Solver. Will Madnes meet the same fate, with the guardian power sapping away at his life? Wonderland’s ruler, the Red King, has cast a dangerous spell, and an ancient evil is rising. Madnes may not have long to save his friends and both worlds before it’s too late…

Author Bio:

The product of a traveling family, who even lived in Italy for 6 years, Rawls loves to explore the unknown, whether it be in a forest, inside a forgotten castle, or within the pages of a book. She runs on coffee, cuddly cats and the beauty of nature to keep the story wheels of her mind turning as she crafts tales that will both entertain and inspire, creating worlds one can explore and quickly become lost within. Beware, you might not find your way back out again. Visit her online at:


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  1. Thank you for all your hard work in spreading ‘The Good Word’ on writers’ efforts.
    This series crackles with potential.

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