Cosmic by Grant #BlogBattle 7

#BlogBattle Week 7 Theme: Cosmic   Cosmic One day there were two friends. Their names were Oliver and Rex. They were planning to go swimming together on Saturday with their families. It was Saturday, and they were in a plane. “Is it time to jump?” Rex asked. “Nope,” said Oliver. Rex couldn't wait anymore and… Continue reading Cosmic by Grant #BlogBattle 7


Cosmic Dust by Marnie S. #BlogBattle 7

#BlogBattle Week 7 Theme: Cosmic Cosmic Dust By Marnie Schroer Mote was the smallest speck in the dust devil, but that didn’t keep her from being the most enthusiastic. The moment she felt the first ruffle of warm air rising from the ground, she’d throw herself into the current and ride it upwards, delightedly spinning… Continue reading Cosmic Dust by Marnie S. #BlogBattle 7


Cosmic Eternity #BlogBattle Wk 7

Dripping with sarcasm, Melody taunted her cat, Whiskers. The poor beast howled in reply, obviously upset by her master's blatant disregard for  Whiskers' aversion to dead things. Melody held the mouse by its tail, swinging it back and forth in front of the cornered cat. "You ridiculous cat! You're worthless. It's just a good thing… Continue reading Cosmic Eternity #BlogBattle Wk 7


Brian Baer, Personalized Rejection, #BlogBattle: Cosmic Short Story

Week Seven #BlogBattle: Cosmic Please welcome Brian Baer, another great tweeting friend (@BrianCBaer)! Brian has been fighting against the strong pull of the #BlogBattle, but he could resist no more! WooHoo! I feel like we should be singing Another One Bites the Dust Kum ba Ya right about now. Here's Brian's Twitter blurb: Boy Adventurer, Anglophile,… Continue reading Brian Baer, Personalized Rejection, #BlogBattle: Cosmic Short Story

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Cosmic #BlogBattle Week 7 Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories for this week! Be sure to read them all. All the links will open in a new window so that you can easily navigate back to this list. Only participants (Past and Present) vote. We want to encourage everyone to be a part of the fun. Next Tuesday’s theme is… Continue reading Cosmic #BlogBattle Week 7 Entries & Voting