Proof Copy Arrived!

I told you on Monday that when the proof copy for The Beauty Thief showed up I’d let you have a sneak peek at the book!

It came yesterday evening, but I was so wrapped up in my feelings of shock, seeing my story look so professional and REAL that I couldn’t stop ogling it long enough to write a post (not to mention, I have a family and evenings I’m not working need to belong to them as much as possible). 🙂

My tween daughter laid on the floor with her nose literally stuck between the pages, sniffing in the “new book” smell she adores so much.



My husband is reading through it, looking for any noticeable mistakes my brain keeps auto-correcting. He said, “No one will believe me when I tell them this is a good book.”  He says this because he loves me and figures everyone will think he’s just saying it because of that.  He’s not one to ever give false compliments, which is one reason I appreciate him.  He also rarely reads a book more than once because he never forgets anything that he’s read.  Things are not fresh, and he remembers every twist in the plot, every secret the author waits to divulge.  It tends to ruin a story for him.  This is his third time reading through the book for me, and he’s surprised that he still enjoys it even though the plot is nothing new to him.  Part of that is definitely because he loves me . . . maybe most of it, but it is still a big win.

20150211_151311I’m seeing some formatting I think I’d like to correct, and I’ll get right on that. There are some typos still, likely caused by that last run through I did, which could easily be considered a “run.”

Nothing major, though, overall. I love how it has come together, inside and out!


I went with the matte finish for the cover, but it is showing all the fingerprints and they don’t wipe off. I’m going to do one more proof after fixing any errors and formatting but with a glossy cover instead. Either way, it will turn out great!

I’m excited. If you were in the same room with me right now, you’d see a thirty-odd-year-old woman jumping up and down, hugging a book like it was a winning lottery ticket. I can’t seem to describe what this whole endeavor has meant to me, but writing this book was something I HAD to do. It wasn’t just a want-to thing.  I MUST continue, too. I need to do it more than I need coffee and almost as much as I need to breathe.

I didn’t realize this about myself until a year ago: I love to write, and I want to do it every day. Can I call it a talent? Doubt that, but it certainly is something I enjoy and want to bless others with where ever possible.

If you could have any talent in the world, what would you want to be able to do?

14 responses to “Proof Copy Arrived!”

  1. Oh wow, such a beautiful book! Congratulations on getting this far. 🙂 The map page looks wonderful.

    As for talents, I think I’m happy with writing. I don’t know if I’m “talented,” or anything, but I’m happy with what I’ve got. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I hope it turns out looking professional and beautiful! I love when books include maps. I appreciate how it helps me imagine exactly where I am going in a story. 🙂

      Being happy with your writing talent is a good thing! And it’s a big deal. I’m sure there are a million more talented writers than me, but I certainly love to do it. With time I hope to improve. Keep at writing, my friend, and keep loving it!

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  2. It looks beautiful! Although I’m still anticipating seeing the cover 😉
    What font did you decide to use for the body text?
    The map looks cool! Did you design it by hand or by computer program?

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    1. Thank you! The cover is pretty nothing flashy, but it’s just right for what I wanted…in the end I came full circle from where I started, only flipped around a bit. 🙂

      I’m going to share the cover next week, probably on Thursday. 🙂

      For the interior font I ended up going with Palatino Linotype and it looks really good. I’m very happy with the choice.

      I drew the map by hand. My cursive is impatient and not my best, but it works just fine. I use computer programs for basic stuff, but I don’t have the skill or training to do anything real artwork using them. What about you?

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      1. I’m not sure what font to settle down with… I look forward to seeing how Palatino Linotype looks in your finished book. Maybe it’ll help me decide.

        My maps so far are a bunch of sketches and dribbles by hand, lol. I prefer a hands on approach to art, and then maybe enhancing it with photoshop if needed. I’m not sure my own handwriting will be clear enough, so I may have to use a font for that. You do nice cursive, by the way!

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        1. I read a ton of different material about fonts for publishing and palatino linotype was on almost every list. I think it looks professional in print.

          Would love to get a peek at your map! 🙂 thanks, by the way, about my cursive. My grandmother has beautiful cursive writing. I would love to be able to write like her.

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          1. I might go with that, then. Did you keep the size at 12 or smaller?

            I’ll have to get the map ready and post it this month or next 😀
            Cursive writing is an art when at its finest, as is calligraphy. My grandmother had lovely and neat hand writing; but then, that’s the only way she knew how to write. I’d like to improve. I’m so used to texting and typing that I rarely practice cursive writing. 🙂

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            1. I went smaller, but I can’t remember if I did 10 or 11. I will check later and get to you. Advice was larger font was better because then even people who have poor eyesight can read it. I bet most people who have trouble with smaller font use kindle or nook so that they can control the size. 🙂

              Can’t wait to see your map! 😀

              I completely agree about cursive. For my grandma, it is the same.

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            2. Makes sense that people with poor eyesight would read the ebook vs print.

              Yes, I must remember to do that! I have a tendency to get side-tracked, but hopefully I’ll remember 🙂

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  3. Congrats, Rachael! This is a huge accomplishment 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It has me skipping through the house like a six year old with my six year old. 🙂


  4. Wow wow wow wow!!! Am so impressed, envious and just speechless. I want to do that!

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    1. I want you to do it, too! Semper House needs to be seen and read.

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