#BlogBattle: Blonde by Grant

Grant’s #BlogBattle Wk 6 Story:



One day there was a blonde woman named Eliza. She was walking on the beach with her dog at sunrise. While they were there, they built sand castles and were swimming. Then a hand popped out of the water and grabbed her! The thing that grabbed her was very strong, but she couldn’t tell what it was. Her father told her about things that live in the water and drag people down, but she didn’t believe him until now.

The thing dragged her all the way to an underwater kingdom, and she thought she saw where they were taking her. She was right, it was the throne room. The king was there, looking down on her. He had dark blue skin, red eyes like fire, razor-sharp teeth, with a long red cape, ginormous muscles, and a big gold staff.

Eliza had white skin, sea-blue eyes, perfectly white teeth, long blonde hair, and a red swimsuit.

The king said, “Put her in my lunchroom.”

When she got there it smelled like rotting fish. Twelve o’clock, lunchtime, was there. “Here comes the king,” one guard yelled.

The other guard whispered to the first guard, “His lunch looks good.”

The king barged in and yelled, “Lunchtime!”

Eliza yelled, “Who are you?”

“I am the king of Atlantis, and you are my lunch,” he roared.

Eliza kicked him in the face, ran as fast as she could, and hoped they were stupid enough to build a reactor room . . . and, apparently, they were. She found what looked to be a bomb, put it on the reactor, and swam as fast and far as she could.

She heard an explosion behind her and the Atlantians were never seen again.


By Grant age: 9

And this is why we are thankful for people named Eliza. Thanks, Grant, for your excellent tall tale! 🙂


22 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Blonde by Grant”

            1. *getting dizzy from lack of sleep* *bags under eyes dropping lower and lower* “I’m off…to save the world again tonight…” Splat! *falls flat on face* The world is doomed now.

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    1. He wanted to keep it short and sweet and I did very little editing with him to clean it up. I can say that having them write their own stories has been great to encourage creativity and teach them how to write paragraphs & dialog. So fun!


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