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Blonde #BlogBattle Week 6 Entries & Voting

Here are the short stories for this week! It’s going to be a tough week for voting, folks!

Picture This by Anniehow

Out of the Storm  by I Came for the Soup, Candice Coates

Charming Anton’s Woe by E. Rawls

Meet Janet Blonde by How The Cookie Crumbles (Tess)

Blonde by PhoenixGrey85

Mannequin Rivalry by Blonde(Lucy)WriteMore

The Joke’s On You by Marnie S

Up You Get! by Sarah Colliver

Blonde by Grant 

A Little Less Blonde, but a Lot More Happy by Ssenlrak (Karl)

 I Learned It from History? by Rachael Ritchey

23 thoughts on “Blonde #BlogBattle Week 6 Entries & Voting”

  1. Just voted. Choosing is hard. They’re all good in different ways. But alas, it is the way of the blogbattle to choose a favourite, or in this case two. 🙂

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    1. Haha yes. I probably didn’t word that well. Everyone should just vote for their to two favorite stories. You might have to leave the webpage and then come back to do the second vote because of the way the poll is set up

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    1. The way to link it so that it ensure I see your post and can add it to the lists is to make a link. You can either just put this exact URL: http://www.rachaelritchey.com/blogbattle
      or you can Write “Blog Battle” and use the link button on your WP options at the top of your edit post screen. You would highlight the words “Blog Battle” and then click that linking button where you’d enter in the URL (http:// . . . ) and then a brief description in the box below. That creates a link and then it will pingback to my blog and create an automatic link in the comments section.

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