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The Needy

A #BlogBattle Story By Bekah

The Needy

Have you ever wondered what it is like being bald? Well I can tell you this: If you think bald people complain that they want hair, you are wrong. Everyone with hair complains more.
Everyone would assume that bald people want hair, but I don’t! I don’t need hair to put up, get in my face, have to worry about it getting too long, or getting it cut. I like my shiny head the way it is.

See, I don’t have cancer or any disease that makes me bald. I am myself. Now my family doesn’t like my choice about this, and I am about to go to college. How many college students do you think are bald? None, right? So that makes me no normal no-haired man.
Whenever I enter somewhere someone tells me, “Oh, I feel sorry for you. Hope you make it.”

“I don’t have cancer.”

“Oh . . . um, then goodbye,” they would say and walk awkwardly off.

There are good and bad reasons why I am bald but that’s not a GOOD example.

“Don’t you ever wish you had hair?” my sister would say.

So I replied snarky, “Don’t you ever wish you didn’t? No hair in the way what so ever.”

She would look at me strange and walk out of the room. As you now know I am the awkward kind of no haired people that make other people leave the room. Normal people would say it isn’t something to be proud of, but I disagree.

Now HAIR, one word that I absolutely hate.

Does anyone actually wonder what the word hair means? Well Google says, “Any of the fine threadlike strands growing from the skin of humans, mammals, and some other animals.”

See this is why I don’t have hair, it’s just so disturbing. Ugh! What is it with hair?!

genre: humor

29 thoughts on “The Needy”

  1. An interesting view on hair. And it kind of makes me feel weird about my own hair now. I’ve often threatened it with getting rid of it all when I’ve had a bad hair day, but never followed through – yet! I love the point of the story – baldness is no stranger than long hair. Or medium hair. 🙂

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            1. Thanks Phoenix! Normally I would totally jump on that challenge, but I’m so short on time and really really really need to disappear from the online world for a while to work on The Treasonous before it goes to editor in July. I’m so far behind it’s not even funny.

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            2. Don’t worry about it. If and when. 🙂 I know the feeling about being behind. I’m never where I want to be with projects. Never enough hours in the day. And if Treasonous is the next Twelev Chronicles book, I strongly encourage the writing. 😀 Just started Captive Hope and loving it.

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  2. hmmmmm well I am definitely not bald I have almost longer than shoulder length locks 🙂 wouldnt cut it for nothin….
    but hey whatever floats your boat, well technically water floats your boat, but anyhoo love this

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  3. I’m bald. A bunch of my friends are bald, some by choice, some by design, some are in college, some aren’t and the people who give me a second look don’t do it because I shave my head (sometimes it’s because I don’t shave my beard). 😉 You lost me, Rach.

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        1. Bekah’s not bald. It was just a fictional tale she wrote for the theme word “hair” and I couldn’t say what inspired it exactly, but she was definitely saying bald is beautiful and requires no explanation. Hair does not the beauty make. ❤


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