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Q&A with Author Ian Probert

I have a special guest for you today. I wrote a little about his most recent book not too long ago. It's a book about ex-boxers and the author's journey through healing after his father's death. Click here to read more from me about Dangerous, a sequel to his book Rope Burns. Click here to… Continue reading Q&A with Author Ian Probert

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#WotD Word of the Day: Compunction

Word of the Day with dictionary.com Compunction I probably won't do this every day, but the idea has struck me. I am thinking it could be fun to just think on these interesting words and share stories, real or fiction, on a regular basis. You're welcome to join me! Who really wants to think back… Continue reading #WotD Word of the Day: Compunction

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A Paraphrase of Antigone

Antigone is a play, a Greek tragedy, written by Sophocles somewhere around 440 B.C. I read this in the eighth grade on the recommendation of my librarian. I'm so glad she told me about it. I loved it and have forever adored the names Antigone (an-ti-guh-nee) and Ismene (iss-meh-nee). Here's the gist of Antigone: Thebes… Continue reading A Paraphrase of Antigone


Week 2 #BlogBattle Story: Side Table >>> Pull Yourself Together! <<<

Pull Yourself Together! Rapid tapping on the side table, furious fingers moving in ordered succession across the hard wood, was enough to drive a person mad.  It was almost as agitating as the woman next to him who crinkled the newspaper and snapped it after every page turn. Waiting is never easy, and today's wait… Continue reading Week 2 #BlogBattle Story: Side Table >>> Pull Yourself Together! <<<