Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner

Everyone, please join with me in welcoming Jahaira from Figuring it out Mommy! Jahaira joined the battle some seven themes ago and so far has contributed five (actually six!) fantastic tales to our weekly creative writing competition/all-around fun, friendly writing extravaganza! It's been a pleasure having Jahaira in the community. She also goes by YaYa… Continue reading Interview with Jahaira, #BlogBattle “Horde” Winner


Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

It's that time again! And author friend, Claire Banschbach is the News #BlogBattle Winner! We've not had the chance to grill her for information interrogate question interview her, so I've asked her by for a tidy little visit. She thought she might be up for it. What do you think, Claire? Can you take the heat? I'd… Continue reading Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

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Interview with E. Rawls, Co-winner of Cosmic #BlogBattle

Hello again, Ms. Rawls! What a pleasure to see you back in the winner's circle. You look lovely this evening, I must say. Are you doing something new with you hair, perhaps? . . . Oh, you really don't need to look so shy! You're just radiant. Thank you for meeting with me for a… Continue reading Interview with E. Rawls, Co-winner of Cosmic #BlogBattle

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Interview w/Last Week’s #BlogBattle Winner

J.A. Merkel was our lucky winner from #BlogBattle numero uno: Four Leaf Clover. J.A. Merkel agreed to a quick interview after his impressive win last week, and now I get to share his answers with you today. 🙂 Let's get started. 1) As a writer if you had to choose between eating expired sour cream… Continue reading Interview w/Last Week’s #BlogBattle Winner