Mad Mona’s Monkey Business #BlogBattle “Spaghetti”

Click here for a previous Mad Mona, Monarch of Madonia story. #BlogBattle Week 16: Spaghetti Monarch of Madonia: Mad Mona's Monkey Business I'm not even sure how we ended up here. Majesty Mona actually had what one could consider a lucid day yesterday, and I was hoping for a repeat today, but it was too… Continue reading Mad Mona’s Monkey Business #BlogBattle “Spaghetti”

Other Authors

Not a Review: Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

I don't really do reviews. I will post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, etc, but my blog doesn't seem to be a place that I will ever review other author's books. Maybe if I feel like I need to I'll start a separate blog. AnyWHO, I did want to tell you what I thought of Johnny… Continue reading Not a Review: Johnny Nothing by Ian Probert

Questions People Ask

Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls

A fresh week, a new question! Yay! Thanks, E. Rawls for your thoughtful inquiry into the depths of my writing brain. Author and blogging friend, E. Rawls asked: Hi Rachael! My question: What is the funniest thing you have ever written? Oh, Ms. Rawls! You have come to the crux of it! I have never… Continue reading Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls