The Joke’s On You by Marnie S.

UPDATE: This is the week 6 "Blonde" #BlogBattle Winner! Congrats, Marnie! Marnie Schroer is a new friend! She's not a blogger, but she is a tweeter (@MarnieSpokane) who decided she'd like to join the #BlogBattle! I think Ssenlrak(Karl) finally convinced her. 🙂 Welcome, Marnie. 🙂 Here's her Twitter Description: Professional exterior with chewy, nerd inside.… Continue reading The Joke’s On You by Marnie S.


I Learned It from History?

#BlogBattle Week 6: Blonde Okay, so I have to admit that this is actually the second short story that I wrote for the Blonde #BlogBattle. I would say neither is really better than the other, but this one is a little different, so I decided to share it for the #BlogBattle instead of the first… Continue reading I Learned It from History?

Questions People Ask

Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls

A fresh week, a new question! Yay! Thanks, E. Rawls for your thoughtful inquiry into the depths of my writing brain. Author and blogging friend, E. Rawls asked: Hi Rachael! My question: What is the funniest thing you have ever written? Oh, Ms. Rawls! You have come to the crux of it! I have never… Continue reading Q&A #8: From Author E. Rawls