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5 Benefits of Blogging Buddies

Here you thought there was no good were only a couple good reasons to have blogging buddies! Boy were you ever wrong. And just to prove that there are way more benefits, I have convinced one of my awesome blogging buddies to make a grand appearance on my very own little blog here! Of course, she did tell… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Blogging Buddies

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Meandering Menagerie

#BlogBattle: Menagerie genre: inspiration/children's fic Beauty upon beauty. Legend upon legend. The menagerie was more than a zoo, more than a place to keep and display wild animals. It was her home. She'd grown up there and never left the confines of its walls. She couldn't imagine a better place to live and play, and… Continue reading Meandering Menagerie


When Color Blind is a Thing

#BlogBattle 46 "Indian" Aren't you like half Indian? That was the question she asked me while smacking her wad of gum between her pert pink lips. The bubble she blew was easily half the size of her heart-shaped face and matched the natural blonde highlights in her hair. I'd heard stuff like that my whole life,… Continue reading When Color Blind is a Thing

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Just a thought, but . . .

Truth and Trust go a long way toward making and keeping friends.  It doesn't hurt to be a little silly in between. 😉 ❤ you my friends!


Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85

Blog Battle "Drop" has gotten itself a prize of a winner: PhoenixGrey85!!! She's taken the trophy this week! She's been an active participant, writing faithfully week after week since the second battle! Phoenix has tickled our fancy with a continuing light fantasy story centered around a young woman named Layla and a fairy called Winter.… Continue reading Interview With “Drop” #BlogBattle Winner PhoenixGrey85